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Be Our Partner

Our products have gained a very good reputation and market share in China. Now we are going to enter the international market to test and compare the similar products from all over the world so that we can continuously improve the competitiveness of our products and offer better products and services to our customers.


We hope our international dealers possess the following info:

1. A company with independent corporate capacity.

2. With registered capital of $100,000 (including 100,000).

3. With more than one year experience in relevant industry.

4. With some operation scope in the region.

5. Promise not to distribute similar products.

6. Sign the dealer agreement.


The benefits of being our dealer.

1. Enjoy the contract price of all the products from our company and have a competitive advantage.

2. Free access to all technical guidance of our company, and we offer free color page information.

3. Can get strong network promotion support from us.

4. Enjoy independent pricing power.

5. Enjoy the right of geographical protection, and we will provide all business information of the region.

6. Big projects can be supported us!

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