How does a DC Contactor Work?

DC contactor is a kind of contactor used in DC circuit, which is mainly used to control DC circuit (main circuit, control circuit, excitation circuit, etc.).

Electromagnetic Mechanism

Provide magnetic force for switch action.

Contact System

The contact is the executive part of the contactor.

Arc Rotating Device

Blow out the arc generated in the process of switching.

About TUTESL DC Contactor

Tutesl is a trademark of Shanghai tupoly Technology Co., Ltd

Independent Research and Development

With a large R & D team and professional R & D and testing laboratories。


Based on the DC contactor, the modular components complying with UL CE standard are developed to provide a one-stop solution for the electric vehicle and charging pile industry.


Compared with the similar products from Panasonic and TE, our products have more switching cycles and longer life but the price is more competitive.

A Wide Range of Fields

DC contactor can also be used in diesel engine, electric forklift, DC power system and other fields.

Industry Solutions

DC Contactors are widely used in new energy vehicles, charging piles, construction machinery, frequency converter, solar power, energy storage equipment, DC voltage power control and other fields.

  • Electric Vehicle

    Brazing process of ceramics provides high performance PDU for electric vehicle. For power system of HEV, BEV and FCEV.

  • Charging Pile

    One stop solution for charging pile, DC contactor matrix is composed of modular components, convenient for installation and maintenance.

  • Others

    Our products are widely used in EV, charging piles, solar power, energy storage equipment, DC voltage power control and other fields.

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