130000 landing, how to choose the joint venture car? Does Lei Ling save money?

Posted 2020-04-30 09:16:30 +0000 UTC

In this issue of "bang Fen Q & a", we selected three representative questions to answer, to see if you have the same trouble when you are looking at and buying a car. Question 1. How about buying Lingke 03 top accessories? Answer: for linker 03, it is recommended to purchase DCT power pro with 1.5T top configuration. Although 1.5T is three cylinders, compared with the later 2.0td power pro, the overall performance is not too poor, but the cost performance is much higher. Parameter comparison between 1.5td DCT power pro and 2.0td automatic power Pro: Question 2: try to solve 130000 problems, /,, longyi and Mazda. How to choose? Answer: the purchase needs put forward by bangfen are still very clear. After further asking about the focus of the needs, he learned that he valued the power performance, driving experience, configuration and other aspects. First of all, longyi ruled it out, because the reduction and matching are getting more and more severe, and the sensory is not very good. Moreover, now longyi focuses on the body size, there is not much to talk about in the handling. There are four Japanese styles left: corolla, leiling, Xuanyi and Mazda, each with distinct characteristics. First of all, Carola and leiling are actually one vehicle, which is relatively balanced in all aspects. Except for leiling's entry-level vehicle, TSS safety intelligent travel package (including DRCC dynamic radar cruise system, LTA lane tracking assistant system, PCS pre collision safety system and AHB automatic adjustment high beam system) is provided as standard. Few of the joint ventures at the same level cover such a comprehensive vehicle. However, the total budget of 130000 yuan is not enough to buy hybrid version, so only the fuel version is available, the Carola elite version, or the leiling luxury version, and the budget has to be slightly exceeded. In addition, the comprehensive performance of new Xuanyi is also very close, especially the power combination of 1.6L + CVT. Among today's several cars, the fuel consumption performance of less than 5 L per 100 km is the lowest one at the same level. Considering the name of the big sofa, we recommend the manufacturer's Guide price of 129900 enjoyable version - compared with the lower entry-level model, upgraded to leather sofa, with strong interior texture. The only regret is that the car phone system does not support apple and Android mobile phone mapping system. Finally, look at the Mazda 3 oncella, which is the most personalized and the most attractive of several models, and is also the most recommended by individuals. The 126900 automatic quality and beauty version is very good at configuration, including front and rear LED headlights, 7-inch LCD dashboard, 8.8-inch suspended central control screen (supporting apple and Android phone mapping), reversing image with front and rear parking radar, but the steering wheel is plastic, and the seat is only fabric. But the handling is better than the above two models. Question 3: how to choose the fuel oil and double engine of leiling? Which is more economical? Answer: first of all, give the conclusion and recommend the fuel version. The main reason is that under the recent Toyota tnga platform, the oil increase and emulsification have occurred in the 2.5L, 2.0L and 1.8L series of hybrid vehicles. Although the 1.8L series is relatively small, it is still not recommended to start in the near future. It is better to wait and see for a while. But if we can separate the problem of oil increase and emulsification and analyze the hybrid and fuel models separately, we have to make a comprehensive judgment based on the price difference and your own driving mileage. Compared with the same configuration model of the fuel version, the price of the hybrid version of leiling is between 11000-18000 yuan. Take the sports version of the Chinese version as an example, the difference is 13000 yuan. In actual driving, the average fuel consumption of the hybrid version is about 5 L for 100 km, and that of the fuel version is about 7.5 L. according to the current 92 gasoline 5.59 yuan / L, the hybrid version saves about 14 yuan for 100 km. The price difference of 13000 yuan, plus the difference of purchase tax, the purchase cost of hybrid version is about 14150 yuan more than that of fuel version, which translates into fuel money, that is to say, the total cost of hybrid version and fuel version is the same. Under normal circumstances, if it's just a daily commute, the total mileage of a year is mostly between 12000-18000 kilometers, that is to say, you have to drive for at least 6-8 years to achieve the same total cost. Of course, if you drive only seven or eight thousand kilometers a year, it will take at least 12 years for you to have enough money. Count the number of years you plan to drive, and then decide whether to buy hybrid or fuel version. Above, is this issue of QA for netizens to answer questions. If you have more questions about car watching, car buying and other car related issues, welcome to leave messages on various platforms of foreign countries online, and we will answer them for you in the first time.              

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