500000 luxury plug-in hybrid cars, BMW 5 series new energy compared with Audi A6L new energy who is more valuable?

Posted 2020-11-23 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

A few days ago, the passenger Federation announced the new energy sales volume in March. From the top 10 models, PHEV (499900-536900 yuan) sales volume reached 1769, becoming the only luxury plug-in hybrid model in the top 10. It can not only solve the problem of licensing in the limited licensing area, but also have luxury and comfortable enjoyment. Therefore, BMW 5 Series PHEV has such a good sales performance. However, BMW's 5-series PHEV is not the only choice. Its competitor, the new PHEV, also came into the market in January, with a price of RMB 508000. In fact, its strength should not be underestimated. Which of these two luxury hybrid cars is stronger? Can the new Audi A6L PHEV replace BMW 5 Series PHEV as the best choice? This issue of "selected by Pai Hakka Gang" will be interpreted for you. The exterior design of the 530le BMW 5 series new energy model is almost the same as that of the fuel version. In its exterior design, we can still see the family's iconic design elements, such as double kidney air intake grille, Hofmeister corner and other elements that we are very familiar with. The BMW 5 series of this generation has not only become more luxurious, but also has a fashionable and young atmosphere, so it has also attracted more attention of young consumers. The appearance design of the new Audi A6L 55 TFSI e new A6L new energy is the same as that of the fuel version. Compared with the old model, the front face of the new car is adjusted very much. The hexagon big mouth and the exaggerated guide mouth on both sides enhance the air field of the whole car, and the shape of the tail is also very charming. The redesigned tail light makes the tail look more recognizable. The whole car also adds more sharp lines, combined with the whirlwind wheel hub, making the new Audi A6L new energy model look very elegant. The overall design of BMW 5 series new energy is more luxurious and fashionable, while the design of Audi A6L new energy is much more elegant. No matter whose design, they can find corresponding pursuers. BMW 530le BMW 5 series new energy continues to take the luxury route in interior design, and integrates the design of many 7 series models. The center console area is wrapped with a large area of soft materials and wood grain, further demonstrating the sense of interior quality. In addition, 12.3-inch full LCD instrument and 10.25-inch suspended central control screen are standard configuration, and the system inside the central control screen has been updated to iDrive 7.0 system, and support gesture control. The interior design of Audi A6L 55 TFSI e new Audi A6L new energy is consistent with that of the fuel version, with a strong sense of science and technology. In particular, the three large-size LCD screens are the most eye-catching in the interior design, and we have seen the same design in Audi A8 and Audi Q8 models. It is worth mentioning that most of the physical buttons in the interior of Audi A6L new energy have been removed, and the touch operation with vibration feedback has been replaced. It is very convenient to use, but it will leave more fingerprints. In terms of interior design, BMW 5 series new energy pays more attention to luxury, while the brand-new Audi A6L new energy is more outstanding in terms of technology. If we judge from the comfort of interior alone, the interior design of brand-new Audi A6L new energy is more attractive. From the perspective of dimensional data performance, the advantages of BMW 5 series new energy are greater. In terms of length, height and wheelbase, BMW 5 series new energy should be ahead of Audi new energy, especially in terms of wheelbase, which is 84mm more. Can such advantages be converted into better spatial performance? Then look down. In the actual riding experience of BMW 530le, the 1.78-meter experiencer sits in the back row of BMW 5 series new energy, with ample leg space, as much as the margin of 3 punches. There is no problem in the back row with two legs cocked, and there is also a punch in the head space. However, the middle of the second row is raised higher, and the comfort of the middle passengers is poor. Generally speaking, the overall ride experience of the second row of BMW 5 series new energy is very comfortable. In addition, due to the long depth of the BMW 5 Series rear compartment, it is also excellent in storage space. The Audi A6L 55 TFSI E and the new Audi A6L new energy rear row experience is also very excellent. The 1.78-meter experimenter can also achieve three punches in the rear leg space and one punch in the head, which is similar to the space experience of the BMW 5 series new energy rear row. The overall sitting is also very comfortable. The new Audi A6L new energy can also meet the daily storage requirements in terms of storage space. Although the BMW 5 series new energy has a greater advantage in terms of size data, the actual experience shows that the performance of the two models is comparable and they both reach the level they should have. Therefore, the space comparison link, the two are even. The 530le BMW 5 series new energy is composed of 2.0T + electric motor and plug-in hybrid system. The system's comprehensive maximum power and comprehensive maximum torque are 185KW and 420N · m respectively. The 100km acceleration time of 6.9 seconds is slightly shorter than that of Audi A6L new energy, and its advantage is that the comprehensive fuel consumption of the Ministry of industry and information technology has reached 1.5l/100km. Due to the small modification of BMW 5 series new energy in February and the addition of a 17.7kwh capacity group, the pure electric endurance mileage increased from 67km to 95km. Audi A6L 55 TFSI e new Audi A6L new energy is a plug-in hybrid system composed of a 2.0T engine + motor. The system has a comprehensive maximum power of 270kw, a comprehensive maximum torque of 500N · m, a 100km acceleration of 6.7s and a comprehensive fuel consumption of 2.1l/100km. It is worth mentioning that Audi A6L new energy also carries Quattro four-wheel drive system, which makes its handling more superior. The battery capacity of Audi A6L new energy is 14.1kwh, the pure electric range of the Ministry of industry and information technology is 54km, and it can be fully charged in 2.5h in the fast charging mode. In terms of power comparison, BMW 5 series new energy is superior in terms of endurance mileage and fuel consumption, while the new Audi A6L new energy power performs better and accelerates faster. On the whole, the two models are tied in the power comparison. Because there is only one 55 TFSI e Quattro model for the new Audi A6L new energy, we selected the corresponding BMW 530le luxury package model for comparison. As a luxury medium and large plug-in hybrid car with a sales price of 500000 yuan, the price range is about 500000 yuan. They are very rich in configuration. Basically, common configurations are covered. However, by comparison, the configuration of the two models is still different. The first is the driving form. The BMW 5 series new energy is the front and rear drive, and the new Audi A6L new energy uses the front four-wheel drive. The second is in comfort and technology equipment. The BMW 5 series new energy is equipped with air suspension, electric rear compartment, steering wheel memory, seat heating, electric adjustment of rear seat, adaptive high and low beam, and PM2.5 filtering device in the car. In terms of safety configuration, The new Audi A6L new energy has the functions of 360 degree panoramic image, active brake, etc. In the configuration comparison, the two models have their own advantages, but in the overall comparison, the configuration performance of BMW 5 series new energy should be more abundant. It is not difficult to find out after a comprehensive comparison of the two models that both models have strong strength, and the luxury sense and grade sense are still the best in this level, and both of them can solve the license plate problem of the city with limited license plate, and can bring more excellent ride comfort. As for how to choose, PAIKE thinks that if you pay more attention to pure electric endurance, fuel performance, luxury and the richness of configuration, you are more recommended to buy a BMW 5 series new energy vehicle; and if you pay more attention to the sense of technology, abundant power and good handling performance of the interior, then the new Audi A6L new energy is more suitable for you.

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