Another joint venture pure electric SUV benchmark? Dongfeng Honda x-nv competitiveness analysis

Posted 2022-08-26 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Go, when we want to buy new energy vehicles, only brands and brands are available. But at that time, the domestic new energy vehicles were still in the initial stage, and the endurance mileage and driving quality could not be guaranteed; while the imported brands were guaranteed in driving quality, but the high price limited their sales in China. How to achieve a good balance between the quality and price of new energy vehicles? This has become a new focus for the market. In recent years, with the joint venture brand in the field of new energy gradually, this situation has been solved perfectly. Dongfeng Honda also joined in the new energy flood. The first electric vehicle x-nv pays attention to vehicle quality and driving control texture, breaking the situation that the domestic new energy market has been dominated by domestic vehicle enterprises since 2015. ■ to break the "monologue" situation of domestic brands and upgrade iteratively to shorten the duration of the short board although there is a choice of joint venture brand new energy models, in order to explore the domestic new energy market for the initial joint venture brand models, they have used their own popular models to improve the image electric platform. In addition, most of these joint-venture brands have a endurance of about 300 km, and the post sale price is controlled at about 150000 yuan. At the same time, the comprehensive endurance of domestic new energy models has reached about 450 km. It can be said that compared with the domestic models on sale, the joint venture brand lags behind when entering the market. After the "water test" in 2018, the joint venture brand deeply focused on the characteristics of "license tendency and mileage anxiety" of consumers, upgraded and iterated its pure electric vehicle models respectively, and improved the comprehensive endurance mileage. On the other hand, most of the joint venture brand models belong to the "oil to electricity" design, which has a unique advantage for consumers to pursue the demand of restoring the driving experience of fuel vehicles. The Dongfeng Honda x-nv launched in September 2019 is a very strong "flavor" electric. ■ for the joint venture brand electric vehicles, the majority of the audience is the trend men and women and white-collar people. For them, the main driving scene is commuting to work. Previously, some experts had conducted a sampling survey on the daily commuting distance of current white-collar workers, and the sampling data showed that their commuting distance was about 60 km on average. Therefore, for them, the joint venture brand's 450 km comprehensive endurance mileage and the realization of charging once or twice a week are completely acceptable. For them, the choice of vehicle type is of secondary importance, and more demand lies in brand and quality control. They have the characteristics of pursuing a balance between fashion and quality of life. Most of them are willing to try new things, so it will be more inclined for x-nv, a pure electric vehicle with a strong "Honda flavor". Not only in the daily commute, but also in the driving quality of the joint venture brand. On the one hand, Dongfeng Honda x-nv meets the needs of workplace users, on the other hand, it also meets the rigid needs of family vehicles. This kind of people's car purchase needs not only to meet the commute, but also to meet the family car, such as pick-up and send children, buy vegetables and shopping, and make an appointment with three or five friends for a short trip on weekends. ■ what advantages does Dongfeng Honda x-nv have to attract audiences? In the limited city of Beijing and Shanghai, pure electric vehicles have obvious advantages. For consumers who pay attention to driving quality, Dongfeng Honda x-nv is still competitive among the models with a price of 150000 yuan or so after being subsidized by the joint venture brand. At this time, if you can have a Dongfeng Honda x-nv, how to make good use of its "ability"? Next, Mr. Bang will tell you how to drive this Dongfeng Honda x-nv. 1. Remote control: although it's spring to start the air conditioner in advance, the temperature in Beijing is still very low in the morning. Before we go to work, we can use the x-nv exclusive mobile app - Dongfeng Honda link software to check the vehicle status in real time and start the warm air remotely to warm the car in advance. In very cold winter, let us feel the seamless connection of "warmth". 2. Low power consumption allows you to enjoy the warm air. Although it is still in severe cold, x-nv, with its low power consumption of 14.09 kW · H / 100 km, allows you to enjoy the good driving experience brought by the warm air without being frozen in the car in this winter. In Beijing, an early peak known as "blocking the city", the journey to work, no matter how far or near, will take an hour. At this time, we can use the 8-inch central control large screen equipped with x-nv, through 4G LTE Networking (can enjoy 10-year free service of traffic), realize map real-time update, online navigation, one key search, mobile phone interconnection and other functions, and users can also load third-party apps such as QQ music, Himalayas and other apps through the vehicle system to expand more functions of the central control screen. 3. Small body with clear reversing image in daily driving, convenient parking is also the primary consideration when buying a car. The x-nv is positioned as a pure electric SUV, with a body size of 4 280 / 1 772 / 1 625 mm, which can save you a lot of time when parking. The reversing radar and reversing image at the rear of the car are all standard. At the same time, the dynamic and static guiding lines of the reversing image can be set in the vehicle setting. Through clear image feedback, even if you are a novice on the road, you can park in a proper manner. 4. The proud "magic space" has ended a five-day busy working day. On the weekend, take the whole family, old and young, or make an appointment with three or five friends for a small outing to relieve the pressure of work. At this time, many people think that the car can hold so many people? Don't worry about this. Honda always takes pride in its own "magic space" in the car circle. Although the body length is not dominant, thanks to the long wheelbase of 261 mm and Honda's mm concept (larger occupant space and smaller mechanical space), Dongfeng Honda x-nv performs very well in the space. Even three adults in the back row don't feel crowded. And there is also a good space performance in the rear compartment, the space is not occupied by the package, the overall layout is very neat. The volume of 437 l lets you not worry about too much luggage. 5. Although the car is small, its power is not weak. Although the x-nv is an electric car, it doesn't feel "disobeyed" when driving. Honda, after all, is a big factory that is good at adjusting. In the driving process of the whole city, the vehicles are very stable. When passing some rough roads, the vehicles filter the bumps very well. When passing the deceleration strip, the vehicle is also very straightforward. It just sends out two "bang" road sense responses, and there is no extra bounce. In some expressways and urban overtaking, the power of x-nv is not weak. Thanks to a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum power of 120 kW and peak torque of 280 n · m, it is still crisp even in n mode (normal standard mode). When the driving mode is switched to S mode (sport sport mode), the start is lighter and faster, and even a sense of pushing back can be felt. Under the condition of high-speed overtaking, it is also very easy to finish. Plus B + n (Standard + strong recovery mode) and B + s (Sports + strong recovery mode), you can have four "driving modes", which can bring different driving experience, more sports or more energy saving. Which one to choose depends on your personal habits. If you want to see more detailed test drive content, please click to review "220 at the bottom of the form, 401 test drive Dongfeng Honda x-nv" ■ focus on the safety of three electric vehicles to ensure the safety of electric vehicles in 2019, "a hundred flowers bloom". The so-called "a hundred flowers bloom" refers to the fire incidents of many brands of electric vehicles. The safety guarantee of the three electricity, especially the power battery, has become a very concerned topic when consumers buy cars. It's this "fire" that makes all big car companies spare no effort to publicize their latest technology and dispel the doubts of potential users. What's so remarkable about Dongfeng Honda x-nv? Power battery is one of the most important parts of pure electric vehicle. The state of power battery is not only related to the safety of passengers, but also to the impact of battery temperature on the length of endurance mileage. If the temperature of the battery is too low, it will affect the activity of the battery and cause the endurance attenuation; if the temperature of the battery is too high, there will be a potential safety hazard. Therefore, Dongfeng Honda considers battery safety very carefully. X-nv adopts liquid cooling temperature management system to realize double insurance of battery cooling and heating, so as to maintain a more suitable working range of cell temperature at all times. The x-nv is equipped with a 53.6kwh capacity, 141 WH / kg battery energy density and 401 km NEDC comprehensive driving range. This power battery can be charged 30% - 80% in 30 minutes with DC fast charging, and 5% - 100% in 9 hours with household slow charging pile. In terms of electrical safety test, it has passed external fire test, seawater immersion test, salt spray test, vibration test, X-direction extrusion test, wet heat cycle test and other tests. In terms of vehicle safety protection, x-nv improves vehicle rigidity through high-strength steel to protect the safety of drivers and passengers. The proportion of high-strength steel above 590 MPa is 46%. The high rigidity battery anti-collision beam and h-structure anti-collision beam of battery pack are adopted to realize the safety protection of battery compartment. In terms of products, x-nv is a good driver in any situation. In addition, the same level of excellent endurance mileage, good driving experience, rich intelligent Internet configuration, plus the passion and passion given by Honda brand, and free switching of rich driving mode, make Dongfeng Honda x-nv have strong competitiveness in the small pure electric SUV market. The 401 km NEDC's comprehensive driving range and pricing less than 170000 yuan are also reasonable for its own brand and high quality. The x-nv is a good choice for the followers of Honda brand among the buyers or the consumers who have high-quality requirements for vehicles. At the same time, in the new energy brand strategy of "seeing the future" released by Dongfeng Honda in 2018, it was mentioned that in the next five years, Dongfeng Honda will launch 10 electric products, while x-nv is just the beginning, and we will see more wonderful models.

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