Audi S6 will be launched in late March with 48V light hybrid

Posted 2022-09-09 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Recently, driving sight learned from relevant channels that 6 will be officially launched in the middle and late March of this year. It is reported that the new car adopts the latest family design language of the brand, and carries 3.0T diesel V6 and 2.9t gasoline V6 on the power system. In addition, both engines are equipped with 48V light hybrid system. In terms of appearance design, the whole new car adopts a young and fashionable design, and the overall sports design can be more favored by young consumers. On both sides of the front of the car, there is a newly designed LED light source headlight, which has a high degree of identification after being lit. In the center of the car, there is a large-scale air intake grille, which is more young and luxurious after being treated with chrome material. On the side of the car body, the overall shape is mainly low-key, which is not different from the ordinary A6. On both sides of the car body, the application of large-size petal type aluminum alloy chrome wheel rim, combined with the body waistline, gives a good visual effect and sports atmosphere. In terms of rear styling, LED light source is used to enhance the interior of the split tail lamp, and the new styling design has a high degree of identification after lighting up at night. Finally, in the rear of the car, equipped with a total of four exhaust layout, not only can bring high sound waves, but also can create a higher sports effect. When it comes to the interior, the overall design is more sporty than the ordinary model, especially the design of three LCD meters, which highlights the luxury technology texture of the interior instantly, and improves the convenience of use. In the same way, the interior of the new car is decorated with a lot of chrome materials, further improving the touch feel. On the power system, the new car is equipped with 3.0T V6 diesel engine and 2.9t V6 gasoline engine. Among them, the maximum output power of 3.0T diesel engine is 257kw, and the peak torque is 700nm; the maximum output power of 2.9t gasoline engine is 331kw, and the peak torque is 600nm. In terms of transmission system, 8-speed manual self-contained system is matched with the new car, and Quattro four-wheel drive system is standard for the whole system.

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