Beauty and technology have both static and no dead angle experience Xiaopeng G3

Posted 2022-10-14 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

At present, many consumers who want to buy a car are unable to have a test drive experience. But people are still interested in cars. Today, I'd like to introduce a new power product, Xiaopeng G3, through static experience. Xiaopeng G3 is the first model. Although it has been on the market for some time, its advanced design will still catch the eye in 2020. With the technology upgrading, Xiaopeng has also launched 2020 G3 models. Compared with the old model, 2020 models have achieved both texture and technological performance. Next, we will take you to experience 2020 G3 models statically. The most obvious change of 2020 Xiaopeng G3 new car is the improvement of endurance mileage. In terms of exterior and interior decoration, there is no change in 2020 Xiaopeng G3. The design language of the whole vehicle is based on the smooth arc, simple and moving. The design without China Grid is the mainstream of new energy vehicles. Similarly, the arc of Xiaopeng G3 is sharper than that of other models. On the one hand, it will look more fierce, and on the other hand, it will help reduce the wind resistance coefficient. The shape of the headlight is also very personal. The visual effect of the interior light belt is outstanding when it is lit. The LED light source is used with lens. There is ACC adaptive cruise radar on the front grille, and there is radar on the front surround. As a smart car, these configurations are the basis for a higher level. From the side, the shape of Xiaopeng G3 is very tight, and the waistline is extending upward from the front to the back, creating a sense of subduction. The charging ports are respectively on the wings on both sides of the vehicle. It only takes 45 minutes for the vehicle to charge from 5% to 80%. Xiaopeng G3 is a compact SUV with body dimensions of 4450mm in length, 1820mm in width and 1678mm in height, and wheel base of 2625mm. The car body has no advantages over its peers, including that it is also a lap larger. The most eye-catching rear light of the whole car is the tail light. The through diamond tail light looks complex and delicate. The turning light adopts the flowing water design. The design of the whole tail is simple, and the black surrounding also echoes the front face. The "little box" on the roof is the biggest highlight of the car. It can rotate 360 degrees to take photos and video. You can also take photos by hand gestures. If you go out alone and want to take a picture together when you see the beautiful scenery, you can realize this kind of careful thinking through it. You can also see that Xiaopeng is a brand that pays attention to details. It is also a simple design in the car. Once you sit in the car, you will be attracted by a huge screen. Almost all the functions of the car are integrated in the screen. It is difficult to find physical buttons in the car. The first time I drive Xiaopeng G3, I may need to adapt to it, because it has neither a key to start or a p gear to press. There is not even a key in the armrest area. The gear is the right paddle under the steering wheel, similar to. The paddle on the left is integrated with wiper, cruise control and other functions. Almost any function settings on the car are operated through the screen. In addition, functions such as kinetic energy recovery, power steering, sound wave analog sound are also integrated in the screen, but they are not the first-class menu, so you need to adapt to them when you start. In addition, there is a very eye-catching point in the car, which is the panoramic sky. This "lighting" close to two square meters of the sky can let the front row driver and passengers get an excellent vision. There's no need to worry about sun protection, because it can completely isolate more than 99 percent of the ultraviolet rays. Sitting here, it seems to be sitting in a spaceship, the sense of technology Max! The endurance mileage of Xiaopeng G3 long endurance NEDC under the comprehensive working condition is 520km, which is a pretty good data, and there are few that can compete with it at the same price. Xiaopeng G3 is equipped with permanent magnet synchronous motor, with a maximum power of 145kw and a maximum torque of 300nm. The group enjoys eight years or 150000 km warranty. Its acceleration performance is not very fast compared with other trams. It takes 8.6 seconds from zero to 100 kilometers. There are three driving modes in Xiaopeng G3, namely standard, economy and sports. In sports mode, the vehicle's dynamic response will be faster, and it can get a good driving pleasure. Xiaopeng G3 is equipped with xpilot driving aid system, including active and passive safety system, automatic parking system and intelligent driving system. And lane keeping and other functions are very practical, without turning on the light, the prompt tone will be very obvious. Xiaopeng G3 can detect the surrounding vehicle environment and display it on the instrument panel for the driver's reference. In terms of safety configuration, there will be a camera in Xiaopeng G3 to record some memory functions of drivers and seats. In addition, if driver fatigue is detected during driving, it will also have a warning tone and ask the driver if he needs to play brainwashing music to refresh himself. Through these designs, we can see that the g of Xiaopeng G3 is not in vain. In the Internet, they are not losing to anyone. Xiaopeng G3 adopts the suspension combination of front McPherson and rear torsion beam, many people will doubt the comfort of torsion beam. But on the whole, it tends to be comfortable, with soft and tough damping. When passing the uneven road continuously, the rear passengers can feel a little bumpy, but there will be no extra vibration and bounce. The overall style is very household and comfortable. Conclusion: Xiaopeng G3 is a very comfortable and easy to drive new energy vehicle. 2020 Xiaopeng G3 has been further upgraded in terms of endurance mileage, technology configuration, and product strength. In the future, with the increase and construction of Xiaopeng service outlets, we believe that there will be more Xiaopeng models around us.

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