Bentista enters dynamic test

Posted 2022-10-21 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Recently, Battista, a global super car with a limited number of 150 cars built by Bini farina, a well-known Italian car design company, has officially entered the dynamic test phase. At present, the car has reached 80% of the expected performance. Rene Christopher wollmann, project director of Pininfarina sports car, said in an interview with the media that Battista has shown excellent performance and strong technical potential in the semi physical simulation test and wind tunnel test of the three electric system, which has reached 80% of the expected performance at present. Even with such performance, it can be compared with the most powerful fuel overtaking at present. Battista is of great significance to Pininfarina. The name comes from Battista farina, the founder of carrozzeria Pininfarina. The year 2020, when Battista plans to deliver, coincides with the 90th anniversary of Pininfarina. Battista has a maximum power of 1397kw (1900ps), a maximum torque of 2300n ยท m and a maximum speed of 350km / h. The acceleration time of 0-100km / h is less than 2S, and the acceleration time from 0-300km / h is less than 12s. Battista is equipped with a T-shaped lithium manganese nickel liquid cooled 120kwh group, with an official range of 450km. Each wheel of the car is driven by an independent motor and equipped with a very powerful torque vector distribution system. In terms of interior decoration, Battista is equipped with three digital screens, which are respectively responsible for instrument information, vehicle condition information and navigation information. In the next few months, the team of automobilipininfarina engineers will implement the rapid development plan, carry out detailed test, assessment and development for various climatic and environmental conditions Battista will face in the future, and finally deliver the first batch of hand-made Battista to customers in campiano, Italy, by the end of 2020.

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