Big space new energy SUV for Dad recommends these three

Posted 2022-08-19 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Many families want to buy big space models. Now I would like to recommend three big space new energy SUVs for dads. The first is the es8. Weilai es8 is the first mass production model of Weilai automobile, and also the main model of Weilai automobile. Weilai es8 is positioned as a medium and large pure electric SUV, with body dimensions of 5022 * 1962 * 1756mm in length * width * height, respectively. Such body dimensions ensure that Weilai es8 has excellent riding space and storage space. For dads, the interior space of Weilai es8 is absolutely sufficient. The second is xphev, which is positioned as a medium-sized SUV, with body dimensions of 4890 * 1950 * 1725 mm in length * width * height respectively. Combined with a reasonable interior space layout, Tengshi xphev can meet many daily vehicle scenarios. Moreover, the vehicle body length of Tengshi xphev is nearly 4.9 meters, which enables the vehicle to achieve seven seat layout. Therefore, it is no problem to give Tengshi xphev the travel of large families. In addition, the 100 km acceleration time of Tengshi xphev is only 4.3 seconds, and the power is also very strong. The last one is aionlx, which is positioned as an intermediate SUV. In the same level of models, the body size performance of GAC new energy aionlx can be said to be among the best, so it can easily meet the needs of dad's car space. Moreover, GAC has rich new energy configuration and high cost performance, which is worth considering.

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