Byton and qmerit finalize the home charging installation agreement in North America

Posted 2020-04-30 09:16:30 +0000 UTC

Byton, a premium all electric vehicle and technology brand, has chosen qmerit, a turnkey home EV charger installation provider, to support the need for home charging and other related installation services. The original agreement was to use qmeit's network of certified contractors to install home level 2 charging hardware to ensure that customers can charge their byton m-byte more easily and faster. "Sharing our partnership with qmerit ahead of more byton energy announcements is a sign of byton's continued commitment to the U.S. market and its customers. Ensuring innovative energy solutions is just one of the many ways byton can lay a solid foundation for a successful product launch in North America, "said Jose Guerrero, managing director of byton Americas. Through this partnership, byton and qmerit can provide installation services to expand energy products, such as charging solutions, storage and energy management systems, through the planned byton residential energy products. "Choosing Qmerit as a partner in our BYTON Energy installation services before preparing to launch new BYTON M-Byte and BYTON Energy products ensures that our drivers can use the best installer for these industry-leading products," said Robert Healey, head of marketing operations and customer support for BYTON Americas. "Qmeit's advanced software platform will be integrated into our products to ensure our customers have a convenient and flexible experience in selecting certified installation and service providers for upcoming residential charging and energy products." With qmerit, byton m-byte owners will fill out a simple digital survey and receive up to three installation quotes from nearby qualified providers. The survey ensures accurate quotes based on the unique characteristics of each homeowner's home. In addition, byton will provide customers with the EV concierge program - a white glove installation experience that works with qmerit and byton owners, from purchase to installation and post installation support. "We are very happy to work with byton. Our quality installation services and concierge program will help byton customers enjoy a great ownership experience through safe, fast and convenient home charging, "said Ken Sapp, general manager, energy and electric vehicle solutions, qmeit. "Qmerit has installed thousands of EV chargers in homes across the United States, and we are very pleased to provide byton customers with a similar white glove experience." In order to maximize the convenience of electric travel, many plug-in car owners have taken advantage of charging at home. Through the qmerit partnership, byton owners will experience greater flexibility and convenience. Byton owners can choose from multiple qmeit certified installers in their region to get free quotes, compare and accept or reject quotes, and track upcoming appointments, all in one online location. Shall be installed prior to or prior to vehicle delivery. With a simplified installer selection process, customers can install byton charging and energy products before taking the vehicle home, benefiting from byton vehicle ownership from the time of delivery. Selected technicians will be trained and certified to install and support all byton energy products, which will be available as part of their driving and energy needs, as well as to view the ratings of installers based on the experience of other EV owners for additional benefits. The new qmeit installation agreement follows a recent deal with electrify America, which ensures customers unlimited 30 minute service to charge byton m-byte free of charge for two years. By the end of 2021, electric America expects to have about 800 charging stations and about 3500 150KW + DC fast chargers in the United States.

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