Can BYD Han "hard" Tesla with a endurance of 605 km?

Posted 2022-09-08 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Which is the best new energy in China? BYD has to be on the list. As BYD is not only the global leader in new energy vehicle sales, but also has many patents in power battery technology, it is one of the most promising new energy vehicle companies in China. Recently, the Ministry of industry and information technology released the latest batch of new energy vehicle promotion catalogue, which recorded the BYD 7009bev1 pure electric car produced by BYD. BYD confirmed that this car is the first BYD Han EV pure electric car equipped with BYD "blade battery". With the arrival of BYD, more and more consumers have seen the hope of "overtaking on the curve" of domestic new energy vehicle enterprises! How much technology does "blade battery" have? As we all know, battery, electric motor and electronic control technology are as important as the "three major parts" of fuel vehicles for new energy vehicles. Among them, as the core of the pure tram, the power battery is even more important. At present, lithium iron phosphate and lithium ternary batteries are the most suitable for pure trams. BYD, which started from battery, as a representative enterprise of new energy vehicles in China, always adheres to the route of lithium iron phosphate in battery technology, and the technology has been very mature. However, compared with the ternary lithium battery, the lithium iron phosphate battery does not have an advantage in energy density, and the endurance mileage is also lower. So in recent two years, with the change of new energy subsidy policy, more and more automobile enterprises choose to use ternary lithium battery. BYD started to develop the ternary lithium battery in 2017, but it never gave up the research and development of lithium iron phosphate battery. The upcoming hanev is BYD's first model equipped with "blade battery", which is the core weapon of hanev. Although the energy density of lithium iron phosphate battery is low, it has higher safety, longer cycle life and lower cost. As long as the problem of endurance mileage is solved, the application prospect is limitless. BYD's "blade battery" on EV seems to solve this problem. First, let's take a look at the data of BYD China EV published in the catalogue of the Ministry of industry and information technology. One of the configuration models has a endurance mileage of 605 km and a power consumption of 14.2kwh per 100 km. What about Tesla Model 3? At present, the domestic standard endurance version has a range of 445km. Even compared with the long endurance version, BYD China EV is also competitive. How does BYD "blade battery" change the battery life of lithium iron phosphate battery? The innovation of "blade battery" is that based on the square aluminum shell battery, the cell is flattened, and the use of crossbeam and stringer in the battery shell is reduced, so that more single cells can be arranged in the battery pack. This operation can increase the space utilization rate of the battery pack from the original 50% to more than 60%. BYD patent shows that the longest blade battery of the company can reach 2500mm, which is more than 10 times of the traditional ordinary lithium iron phosphate battery, greatly improving the group efficiency of the cell. The utilization rate of battery pack is increased by about 10%, the volume specific energy density is greatly increased by 10% to 20%, the cost of aluminum shell material is reduced by 20% to 30%, and the battery pack has the characteristics of high safety, long life and fast heat dissipation. In short, the so-called "blade battery" is a large battery cell with a length greater than 0.6 m developed by BYD, which is arranged together through an array and inserted into the battery pack like a "blade". It is said that the cost of BYD's "blade battery" is 20% lower than the ternary lithium battery, and the energy density can reach 140wh / kg. So in terms of battery life and energy density, it is no worse than the ternary lithium battery used by Tesla, so BYD is still very powerful technically. Apart from the long endurance capability, BYD hanev is very avant-garde. From the information released before, the whole exterior and interior design of BYD hanev is also very interesting, and the sense of technology is fully in line with the aesthetics of young people. BYD China EV is positioned as a medium and large-scale car, which is likely to go on sale around June this year. As a four door car, biadhan adopts the design concept of "front round rear". The more "round" the front section, the faster the air flow will fit the car body when it impacts the car, and the more "square" the rear section, the faster the air flow will leave the car body when it passes through the rear section, so as to obtain a lower wind resistance coefficient. The pure electric hanev model has made some adjustments to the dragon face design language. The front headlamp group has become sharp and long and closely connected with the central network when the closed central network is replaced. The lines on the front surround have been simplified. The overall design of the car is very avant-garde science fiction. Biyadihan EV can be said to have both practicability and visibility. The lithium iron phosphate "blade battery" not only solves the problem of energy density, but also has advantages in cost, service life and stability. It is said that after Tesla is made in China, it will bring huge pressure to domestic new energy vehicle enterprises. With the arrival of BYD China EV, we can see that domestic new energy vehicle enterprises also have technical strength. What do you think of BYD hanev?

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