Can you accept the Mustang of electric SUV?

Posted 2022-10-11 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

In recent years, new energy has become the trend of global automobile development. All major brands are planning their own new energy products. In addition to the Japanese brands that developed new energy models earlier, European and American traditional brands such as,,, have also joined in the research and development of new energy vehicles. As the representative of American performance vehicles, Mustang series also launched its brand-new electric vehicle "Mustang mach-e" at the Los Angeles Auto Show on November 18 last year. The release of this pure electric SUV represents Ford's entering into a new era of electrification. Mustang mach-e is a new member of Ford Mustang family. The new car has three versions, Standard Version, long-range version and high-performance GT version. Not long ago, the new car also announced that the starting price in the United States is 43895 US dollars (about 308000 RMB). It is reported that it will be delivered in the North American and European markets in 2020, while the expected time to enter China is 2021. Unlike Mustang, we all know that oil to electricity is a common method in the manufacture of electric vehicles, which not only saves costs, but also enables consumers to get faster recognition of models. But for the Ford Mustang family with 55 years of legendary history, this is a devastating approach. If we choose oil to electricity, we will lose the image and charm of Mustang. This is unacceptable not only for Americans but also for global car lovers who like American cars. Therefore, Ford did not take this risk, but based on the Mustang car series, from the new research A four door SUV was launched, which has both the luster of the Mustang family and the sense of technology that the Mustang family has never had. Retain the familial gene Mustang Although mach-e is a four door SUV, it deviates from the design of Mustang family in the overall design style. It can be said that the muscle car lines of Mustang family have been re combed to make it more symmetrical and stylish in an SUV model. The new car has two versions in total, and the current double appearance design is also used to highlight their own characteristics in the appearance. The simple interior style has a strong sense of technology. The interior design of Mustang mach-e is different from that of other models in this car series. If the traditional Mustang sports car interior is a tough design style, the interior of this new car is more simple and has a sense of technology. The design of full LCD screen and rotary stop bar is also in line with the current trend of pure tram. The 15.5-inch screen of the center console integrates multi-media and air conditioning and other functional controls. This huge screen is said to have been designed after collecting the needs of more Chinese consumers. The high-performance version / long-range version each requires Mustang mach-e to provide standard, long-range and GT high-performance versions in terms of power, as well as full rear drive and full four drive versions. Among them, the capacity of standard endurance rear / full drive vehicle is 75.7kwh, the maximum power is 190kw, and the maximum torque is 425 / 565nm respectively. The battery capacity of the long-range rear / full drive model is 98.8kwh, the maximum power is 210Kw, and the torque is the same as that of the Standard Version, while the long-range GT version also carries a 98.8kwh battery, the maximum power is increased to 324kw, and the maximum torque is 830nm. It can accelerate 0-100km / h in 3.5 seconds. At the same time, it is reported that Mustang mach-e can last for 75 kilometers if it uses 150KW fast charging for 10 minutes. Full text summary: Ford Mustang mach-e has announced the sales price and started the reservation in North America. In general, this new car based on Ford's new pure electric architecture reflects the design style of pure American car in all aspects, and based on Mustang's family design concept, to create a multi energy pure electric SUV that more people like from the use. And for consumers who like performance, we launched a high-performance GT version to meet their needs. For Mustang family, the addition of mach-e is just like adding bricks and tiles, making the family even larger.

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