Challenge four "new forces" 500km endurance SUVs

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If you have paid attention to the sales ranking of new energy models, you will find that the top brands are still traditional brands like,,, SAIC mingjue. Mature and stable R & D team, complete industrial chain, sound manufacturing standards and years of user reputation are the killer of these "old brands". However, we can't despise the leaders among the "new forces". In a short time, they have polished their competitive products and challenged the traditional powerful people. Model in the article: 2019 Ex5 extra innovative version 520, price: RMB 188800, Ministry of industry and information technology, endurance: 520km ● appearance features: the appearance of Vemma Ex5 (parameter | inquiry) does not give people a first impression, it looks like a very "regular" compact SUV, and it really feels like almost personality. However, its overall image is still relatively spiritual, and the line modeling design is sufficiently three-dimensional and prominent. It's just that the full body looks a little bloated, but it's still a little short of vitality. In fact, the design of the Ex5 car head is very wonderful, with rich modeling, which brings a very three-dimensional front face. However, I will be more excited after I see the official drawing of Ex5 Pro model, "expression" has no polite feeling, it is very cold-blooded, and the overall effect is obviously more eye-catching, mainly because the details and lines are richer and more powerful, and each angle can see its ferocious side, saying goodbye to boredom. Ex5 looks a little bloated on the side. The whole outline is chubby, and the line shape is also rather sluggish. But look at the size of the car body, in fact, it doesn't need to lose weight. The figure is very close to the opponent's, the only advantage is that the wheelbase is a little ahead. So if Ex5 can be more compact and sharp in shape design, the image should be "smart" and more eye-catching. Through the tail lamp can really attract a lot of attention, but the whole shape still doesn't have much dynamic taste, or too thick. The optional 18 inch wheel rim of the test car is eye-catching enough, the configured Michelin primary 3 st Haoyue is not low in positioning, pays attention to silent performance, and also shows a strong strength in the front brake test. Ex5 has many eye-catching "weapons" on the appearance, such as the inductive hidden door handle. The effect is really cool and science fiction style is full. This configuration is really worth choosing. There is also the interactive window projection function afterwards, which is absolutely not lack of lethality. ● interior design: various large screens have become the focus of interior design of many new cars, and the most eye-catching part of the Ex5 interior is also the large screen. But other parts of the design will not appear monotonous, it seems that the sense of hierarchy is also in place, giving the impression of pleasing enough. In terms of details, the multimedia system of Ex5 has more performance of bonus points. For example, when the vehicle is in driving state, the navigation icon on the home page of the central control screen will become larger, which is more convenient for the driver to use this function. In addition, when the radar around the car detects approaching obstacles, the volume of the multimedia system will automatically decrease to make the prompt sound clearer. With such careful consideration, the performance is not like a new person at all. The USB interface configuration of Ex5 is a bit "Crazy". There are eight in front and back row, which is a bit heavy. There is no match for the same level of models. The configuration of Ex5 is full of freshness, which is really fun to use. For other basic mainstream configurations, Ex5 is also in place and competitive with competitors. Rich options are another big move of Ex5, including seat heating and seat memory, which can improve comfort, and wireless charging, which is a fashionable function. Luxury and fashion styles are taken care of to meet more consumers. ● riding space / storage space: the car is basically equal to the competitors in terms of space performance. As the battery pack is arranged under the middle floor of the car, the head space in the car is slightly small, but the longer cushion length and almost flat rear middle floor also bring comfortable sitting posture to the drivers and passengers in the car. The storage capacity of the rear compartment is excellent, and it is the only one with the front compartment among the recommended models. There are not many picky storage compartments in the car, no matter in quantity or in interior space. The practical performance is satisfactory. ● power performance: Although Weima Ex5 has several different endurance versions, the power of each version is the same, which is driven by a permanent magnet synchronous motor, with a maximum power of 160kW (218ps) and a maximum torque of 315n · M. The car has two modes of eco and sport. In the eco mode, the power output is relatively soft, which makes people feel relatively "shy" and has always been reserved. It is not easy to "dig out the heart and lungs" to fully explode. The whole acceleration process is gentle enough. It's very linear. The performance is very stable. It's very comfortable to follow the car slowly in the urban road condition. In addition, the support of the suspension is very good, and the action is solid when bending. The steering wheel steering force can be adjusted in two gears, namely standard and sports. From the feel point of view, even when the steering wheel is adjusted to sports, the feeling is relatively light. The steering wheel turns also reach 3 circles. However, the front action feedback is clear and direct, which makes driving very comfortable. Model in the article: after the subsidy, the price of 2020 520 long-term exclusive version is: 196800 yuan, Ministry of industry and information technology: 520km ● appearance features: the appearance of G3 (parameter | inquiry) of Xiaopeng automobile is simple style of geek. At first glance, it seems that there are not many eye-catching designs, but after careful consideration, many bright spots can be found. The combination of lightsaber headlights, smooth body lines, diamond like taillights and the most "outstanding" 360 degree roof camera all leave an impression on people. For the first model, it's the most appropriate to meet the public's aesthetic and have memory points. ● interior design: it seems that the large central control screen equipped in the interior has become the standard of the mainstream electric vehicles. The G3 of Xiaopeng automobile has brought some details optimization on the basis of times, such as panoramic front windscreen, screen leaning to the driver's seat, etc., which has improved the sense of refinement in the car. The material is also very sincere. Most of the contact places are wrapped with soft materials. The exclusive model has suede roof, nappa leather seats and nappa leather steering wheel. As a new force of Internet car building, smart multimedia system is also its main competitiveness. The G3 of Xiaopeng automobile is equipped with smart car system, smart phone remote control, AI assistant, smart voice navigation (GPS + Beidou), x'u ID account with three party account binding, OTA upgrade service, car Bluetooth, smart charging management system, etc. ● riding space / storage space: in terms of space, the G3 of Xiaopeng car conforms to the mainstream level of this class of car, and there are not too many highlights. On the whole, the riding space in the front row is larger than that in the back row, and the leg space in the back row is slightly insufficient, and there is a certain bulge in the middle. If the back row wants to take three adults, the space is not too abundant. In terms of storage space, it is also quite regular. The front cup holder and armrest box are opened to provide a relatively large storage space, and the cup holder on the door panel is also limited design, which is highly praised. There are not many places to put things in the back row, only a seat back storage space is provided. The storage capacity of the rear compartment is excellent, and the interior is relatively flat. After the rear seats are put down in proportion, there can be expanded space. For families, such space capacity is very practical. ● power performance: the car is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor from the advanced, with a maximum power of 145kw (197ps), a maximum torque of 300N · m, and a fixed gear ratio single speed matching the power system. The G3 of Xiaopeng automobile has three driving modes: standard, economic and sports, and three steering wheel assistance modes, showing three different driving styles. If you are the owner of soft sprout Buddhism, the economic model can meet your idle walking needs. If you are pursuing a radical style of sports, the dynamic response and continuous push back feeling of sports model can also give you some pleasure. The energy recovery of the car is relatively uniform, and the drag feeling of deceleration is not abrupt, which basically does not affect the driving quality of the car. It is very friendly to friends who start to use electric vehicles. Model in the article: 2019 U5 Pro subsidized sales price: 247900 yuan, Ministry of industry and information technology endurance: 503km ● appearance features: Aichi U5 basically continues the model of concept car U5 ion concept car, focusing on the design style of simplicity + technology, the closed Zhongwang let people know that this is a model at a glance. Compared with the same level of vehicle, the body size of Aichi U5 is not superior. Compared with the compact model, it is only slightly larger. It is a relatively compact figure in the medium-sized SUV. Although the modeling is enough for science fiction and "pure electric", the appearance modeling of AGCO U5 is not enough for refreshing, mainly because many pure electric vehicle models launched in recent two years have adopted similar design styles, which inevitably leads to "aesthetic fatigue". However, according to the official of Aichi, Aichi U6, which is designed by Japanese design master Aoshan qinghang and adopts the style of sedan car SUV, is still worth looking forward to. ● interior design: why is this car just "close to the final mass production model"? The answer lies in the interior part. Part of the car's configuration, including lane departure warning, ACC adaptive cruise and other functions, has not yet been unlocked. At the same time, the design of the steering wheel multi-functional area and the central control screen still has variables in the final mass production delivery model. Most of the physical buttons in the central control area of Aichi U5 have been removed, and most of the functions of the vehicle have been integrated into the 12.3-inch display screen supporting touch operation. According to Aichi engineers, this screen will also be replaced by the display screen with better texture in the mass production and delivery vehicles. In addition to the novelty of the three screen instrument, the interior of the Aichi U5 does not give people a "fancy" feeling. The overall design is mainly simple and practical, with solid materials and a sense of grade. In terms of configuration, the Aichi U5 is also rich in body stability control system, driver fatigue monitoring, tire pressure detection, 360 degree surround camera, voice control system, etc, There are also customizable options. In the future, the models delivered to consumers will be further optimized on this basis. ● ride space / storage space: in the aspect of appearance, I mentioned that the body size and wheelbase of Aichi U5 are not superior to that of the same level of medium-sized SUV, but its internal ride space does not seem to be affected by this, which basically conforms to the positioning of the vehicle. In terms of storage space, one of the features of Aichi U5 is that it does not provide the co driver's glove box, but the owner can choose to install personalized options such as air purifier, small table board for laptop, storage box for high-heeled shoes, etc. Although the glove box is not provided, the storage space of Aichi U5 is still sufficient. The rear seats that can be completely equal to the floor of the rear compartment and the existence of the "front spare compartment" further improve the storage capacity of Aichi U5. ● power performance: Aichi U5 is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum power of 140kW (190ps) and a maximum torque of 315n · m, which is driven by the front wheel, and it is officially disclosed that the four-wheel drive version will be provided in the future; the battery pack with liquid cooling system is equipped with pre heating function, with a capacity of 65kwh, provided by, and designed with the "sandwich dry wet separation" battery pack patented by Aichi, which is in the endurance of NEDC The range is 503km (the battery capacity of the extended range package is 18kwh, providing an additional 120km endurance under the NEDC standard), and the most

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