Changan new energy rushes to e-star with a fresh price of 72800 yuan and a range of 301km

Posted 2022-07-30 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

A few days ago, New Energy announced a taste price of 72800 yuan for e-star. At the same time, it also launched such considerate gifts as "ten times of deposit", "red bag to store", and more importantly, the policy of "guaranteed buyback". The new car continues the latest design style of the family. It is composed of a motor + with a maximum power of 55kW, with a endurance of 301km. The front face of e-star is equipped with large-scale enclosed grille, the interior of headlamp groups on both sides is treated with fumigation, equipped with LED light source group and LED daytime running lamp, which has momentum as a whole. The bumper under the new car has a full sense of movement, and the through design at the bottom enhances the visual impact of the car. In addition, the two sides of the bonnet of this car are designed with bulges to add a sense of strength to the whole car. Benz e-star adopts a black roof, and the newly designed tail lamp group has a very three-dimensional shape. LED light source is added in the interior, and the recognition degree is high after lighting. The rear bumper of the new car has a sense of hierarchy, and the camera of reversing image is hidden on the handle of the trunk. The e-star center console of the Benz adopts a connected screen design with double 10.25 inch screens, which improves the technology atmosphere in the car and supports voice vehicle control and dual screen interaction. The four spoke steering wheel is wrapped in leather and equipped with multi-function buttons on both sides, which is convenient for the driver to operate. In addition, the car uses black / white two-color matching, the center console, door panels are added to show the identity of new energy green decorative strips. The power system is composed of a motor with a maximum power of 55kW and a peak torque of 170nm + ternary lithium battery. The endurance mileage of NEDC under comprehensive working condition is 301km. The new car's gear lever is knob shaped, and the rear is equipped with electronic handbrake. All McPherson independent suspension and rear torsion beam semi independent suspension are adopted.

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