Chery's "trump card" in winter

Posted 2022-07-28 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

"People have never lacked the spirit of daring to show their swords at the critical moment and the courage to fight bayonets," said Yin Tongyue, chairman of Chery automobile. As one of the most qualified independent brands in China's new energy automobile industry, in the past market fight, consumers saw the foundation of "technology Chery", which is also the "trump card" of its future campaign. If EQ is Chery's flag bearer in the new energy market, arizee e is the brand up successor. In the EV vision 2019 new energy vehicle annual selection, arizee e won the title of the best rookie online car appointment of the year. As Chery's classic model, arizer series has accumulated a good reputation in the competitive compact car market. In the new energy market segment, arizer can't be absent, and its performance in the class a pure electric car market is remarkable. Meihuaxiang technology "hard core" is the label support of Chery new energy. In the third year after Chery holding group was founded, that is, in 1999, Chery new energy took the lead in establishing a "clean energy vehicle special group" in China, thus opening the road of independent research and development of new energy vehicles. From to clean energy vehicle cutting-edge technologies such as alternative fuels, Chery new energy has gradually established an international vehicle development process and standard system, mastered a whole set of vehicle development methods and simulation platform, and has 32-bit vehicle control, integrated heat management, heat pump air conditioning integration package and other technical capabilities. It has successively undertaken the "National 863 energy saving and new energy vehicle major special projects" in the 15th and 11th five year plan. After 20 years of development, a new energy technology planning system of "full series + 457" has been established. The international "V-shaped" forward development process and vehicle product development system "four" refer to the whole series of new energy passenger vehicle development system and integrated platform that has been formed, and four new energy vehicle platforms, including lightweight, ultra light intelligent interconnection, plug-in hybrid, electric four-wheel drive, are extended. On the basis of these four new energy vehicle platforms, Chery new energy has also established a complete R & D system for new energy passenger vehicles, which can be divided into "Five" general subsystems, including power battery system, electric drive system, vehicle control system, PHEV power assembly and electric drive rear axle. In addition, there are seven core technologies, including battery management and battery system design, vehicle control technology, PHEV system design, intelligent interconnection design, lightweight technology, new energy vehicle integration, extended range / and so on. This set of perfect technical system can be said to be a strong support for Chery's frequent new energy products. Relying on the real core technology, many excellent models such as xiaoant, EQ, arezzee, Ruihu, etc. have been born continuously. In July last year, J.D. Power, a global professional and authoritative market research institution, released the new vehicle quality ranking of 2019 China's new energy vehicle experience research. Chery new energy ranks the top three in terms of new vehicle quality with 84 PP100 points, and stands out in the fierce competition of new energy brand quality with outstanding achievements, second only to BMW. It is worth mentioning that Chery ant EQ1 takes the lead in the new car quality ranking of the small electric vehicle market segment. The market needs high cost performance. Driven by national policies, China has developed into the largest new energy market in the world. In the face of the increasing "market cake", more and more independent brands, joint ventures and new forces enter the market. In the increasingly fierce market competition, Chery's sales volume of new energy has been stable, which is attributed to the continuous creation of high price ratio product matrix according to different travel scenario needs of consumers. From the first xiaoant EQ1, xiaoant 300, xiaoant 400 to 2019 xiaoants, Chery new energy star product EQ series has experienced many iterations and upgrades, and has become the market darling of sales and public praise. Ruihu E and irizee e have become the main sales force of Chery new energy in the market of compact and class a models. After upgrading, the two models aim at high-end product positioning. At the same time, Chery new energy is constantly diversifying its channel layout with its own technical advantages and keen market sense. At present, the products cover such fields as sharing travel, taxi, driving school car, unit car, online car hailing, etc., promote the sales mode of key customers, take strategic cooperation as the core, and expand the core market. Now, in the gofun Shouqi sharing car rental, evcard and other teams, we can see the "beauty and strength" of arizee. Irezee e is equipped with high performance, rated energy of 54.3kwh, equivalent endurance mileage of NEDC of 401km, and maximum endurance mileage of more than 500km. At the same time, the "flash charging" function of arezee only takes 30 minutes for the power from 30% to 80% in the fast charging mode. Such endurance performance, urban commuting only need to charge once a week. At the end of December 2019, the new strategic model s61 of Chery new energy officially went offline. As the second pure electric SUV with lightweight aluminum body launched on LFS platform, s61 is another core strategic model after xiaoant EQ1. This class a pure electric SUV is expected to be launched in the first half of 2020, and its strength cannot be underestimated. Conclusion in the future, with the successive introduction of several strategic products, Chery new energy will gradually form the coverage of multiple passenger vehicle market segments and special vehicles from a000 to a, from cars to. In 2020, Chery's new energy production and marketing scale planning will take another step. After ten years of Chery's new energy industry, we know the market rule that we will be eliminated if we are complacent. Only technological hard core innovation can keep the tide forever.

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