Cost analysis of BAIC new energy EX3 vehicle only costs 0.36 yuan per kilometer

Posted 2022-08-12 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

In the field of pure electric small-scale, yuanev, ezs and other models have certain competitiveness. Compared with these competitors, the price of EX3 is slightly higher than that of 133900-163900 yuan, but the performance of 100km acceleration for 7 seconds and comprehensive endurance for more than 500km is enough to show its superior strength. We have carried out a more detailed test drive experience and endurance test on this model. You can check it if you pay attention to it. Today, we will move to after-sales to see how it performs in terms of vehicle cost! EX3 locates a small cross-border pure electric SUV. The front face of the vehicle is designed with a separate headlamp, and the side is a suspended roof shape extending to the front engine compartment cover. The tail of the vehicle is equipped with a thick through tail lamp. The fast charging and slow charging interfaces are hidden under the BAIC new energy logo. In the fast charging mode, it only takes 30 minutes to charge from 30% to 80%. Its power is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor with 160kW power and 300nm torque. The measured acceleration of 100km only takes 7.4s. Such achievements are among the best of all pure electric models at the same price. In addition, EX3 is equipped with a very practical vehicle to vehicle charging function, which can supplement electric energy for other vehicles going out for the same industry; meanwhile, EX3 also has an external vehicle discharge function, which can output 220V AC to meet various electric demands on the way. After that, the maintenance is once every 10000 km, the cost of routine inspection is 160 yuan, the price of gear oil, air conditioning filter element and antifreeze is once every two years or 20000 km, the prices are 120 yuan, 54 yuan and 184 yuan respectively, the price of brake oil is once every two years or 40000 km, the price is 185 yuan, compared with the models at the same price, the price of parts and replacement cycle have certain advantages. Conclusion: compared with the traditional fuel vehicles, the advantages of the vehicle model are not only energy saving and environmental protection, but also low cost in the later stage. In a word, in the calculation period of 4 years or 60000 kilometers, the total cost of car maintenance of BAIC new energy EX3 is about 21697 yuan, and the average annual cost of car maintenance is 5424 yuan, only 0.36 yuan per kilometer, which is very low. Considering that this is an SUV model, the starting price is only 133900 yuan, the comprehensive endurance is more than 500km, and the cost performance is extremely outstanding.

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