Daimler and Quebec hydropower develop solid state battery

Posted 2022-11-17 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Quebec hydro, a Canadian energy supplier, announced a partnership with Daimler, the carmaker, to develop solid-state technology, foreign media reported. The purpose is to test the new materials under the field conditions, so as to accelerate the mass production and application of solid-state batteries. The cooperation will be carried out in the laboratories of the transport electrification and energy storage capacity center of Quebec hydro Canada and SCE France, a subsidiary of Quebec hydro. Quebec hydro announced on January 31 that it would help obtain a patent license for innovative solid glass electrolytes developed by John B. goodenough and Maria Helena Braga. On this basis, Mercedes will help develop solid-state battery technology. Mercedes Benz believes that solid-state batteries are the next key technological leap in the field of electric vehicles. "The latest progress made by Quebec hydropower researchers is very encouraging, and we are looking forward to the first results of our joint development plan," said Jochen Hermann, vice president of Edrive development, Mercedes Benz Co., Ltd. batteries are key components of electric vehicles. Therefore, mastering chemical reactions is an important task for Mercedes Benz. Karim zaghib, general manager of the capability center of Quebec Hydropower Bureau, said: "we are very pleased to work with Mercedes Benz, a well-known automobile company, to carry out further research. "Our cooperation will enable us to quickly test new materials under field conditions, thus speeding up the development cycle and responding to the needs of automotive manufacturers. "Both parties said that once the solid-state battery reaches the mass production status, it will be used in Daimler electric vehicles.

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