Didi and Hainan state-owned capital set up a charging station platform to build an ecological chain of electric vehicle industry

Posted 2020-04-30 09:16:00 +0000 UTC

On April 29, the first charging station established by Hainan charging Industry Investment Co., Ltd., "coconut fast charging" Century Park charging station was officially put into operation. While building new energy charging infrastructure, it will also develop new energy vehicle sales, leasing and related industry business, and build a leading new energy vehicle comprehensive service platform. Hainan charging Industry Investment Co., Ltd. is established by Beijing Xiaoju New Energy Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd., Hainan Transportation Investment Holding Co., Ltd., Hainan Power Grid Co., Ltd. and China Southern Power Grid Electric Vehicle Service Co., Ltd. with a total investment of 100 million yuan from four shareholders. "Coconut fast charging" Century Park charging station, as the first flagship station in multi-party cooperation, has 45 charging terminals (30 fast charging terminals and 15 slow charging terminals) with a construction power of 1905kw. It is reported that another seven charging stations will be put into operation in Haikou and Sanya in May. Hainan Province is the first province in the country to explicitly put forward a timetable for banning fuel vehicles. In 2020, under the background that the new energy vehicle charging pile has been listed as seven fields of "new infrastructure", Hainan charging Industry Investment Co., Ltd. plans to invest 65 million yuan to build 30 charging and changing electric field stations, 700 charging terminals and 42000 kW total power in the whole island. At the same time, Hainan charging will cooperate with the Hainan provincial government to complete the strategic investment layout, and gradually realize the full coverage of the island's transportation hub, expressway service station, main roads of cities and counties and the central urban area of important counties and cities, such as Qionghai, Danzhou, Wenchang and other cities and counties. Hainan charging Industry Investment Co., Ltd., founded in November 2019, is a state-owned holding, market-oriented mode of operation of the mixed ownership enterprise. Among all investors, Hainan Transportation Investment Holding Co., Ltd. is a wholly state-owned company funded by Hainan provincial government and an important investment and financing platform for transportation construction in Hainan Province. Hainan power grid has a large number of professionals and top-notch technical service support capabilities. As a subsidiary of China Southern Power Grid, China Southern Power Grid has invested 3.1 billion yuan to build 23000 companies, covering Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao, Dawan District, Hainan roundabout island and Hainan Major cities in five provinces and regions. Xiaoju new energy, as an energy service brand of Didi, is an important platform for car hailing in China and an outstanding enterprise representative in the field of intelligent travel. It will give full play to the scale advantages of hundreds of thousands of new energy vehicles, improve the operation efficiency of charging piles, and use big data to locate and build stations for charging piles. According to the agreement, each investor will make use of their own resource advantages to provide strong support for the construction and maintenance of the joint venture's stations, charging piles, charging vehicle drainage, etc. In order to solve the problem of mileage anxiety caused by difficult to find, high failure rate, poor environment and poor service, Hainan charging Industry Investment Co., Ltd. will provide electric vehicle users with "multi, fast, good and provincial" charging services, explore the diversified business model of new energy vehicle charging industry, expand the sales and leasing business of electric vehicles, and build the electric vehicle industry Ecological chain.

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