Each has its own future: inventory of joint venture pure electric small SUVs listed in 2019

Posted 2022-10-14 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

In 2018, there are only a few joint venture brands, but China's rapid development and huge new energy vehicle market can not be ignored by any car enterprise. Therefore, in 2019, more joint venture brands began to launch some models. Because of the automobile market in recent years, the models are more and more popular with ordinary consumers, so are electric vehicles. And with the increasing demand for electric vehicles, many consumers have a strong desire to choose to buy joint venture brands. This time, ev knows that it has made an inventory of some joint venture brand SUV models launched in 2019. Renault eno is a model built by Dongfeng Renault based on the Renault alliance shared electric vehicle platform. At present, it is the only joint-venture model within 100000 class. Its modeling design basically continues the modeling of k-ze concept car, adopts the closed grid design, and the grid is connected with the headlights on both sides, which widens the visual width and makes the whole car appear full of strength. The side of the car body is compact and compact. The black anti friction strip of the side skirt and the black surrounding of the wheel arch make the car look wild. In terms of body size, its length, width and height are 3735 / 1579 / 1515mm respectively, and its wheelbase is 2423mm. The design of the rear part of the car is also simple enough, and the split tail light echoes the front headlight. In terms of interior decoration, the car's center console adopts a longitudinal layout, with a neat and simple shape. The center console and steering wheel are decorated with blue trim parts in the same color as the car body. The center console is equipped with LCD screen, which can provide navigation, multimedia and other functions. In terms of scientific and technological configuration, Renault eno's 8-inch touch LCD screen is of moderate size, and it is also equipped with easy link intelligent Internet system, high-tech map navigation and iFLYTEK voice control. The built-in navigation can find the neighborhood, and has the function of electronic fence, which can analyze the energy consumption during driving. Renault eno is equipped with a driving motor with a maximum power of 33kw and a maximum torque of 125N · m, with a group capacity of 26.8kwh and a NEDC range of 271km. Renault eno is also equipped with a dual charging system, which can be charged either by the daily plug of the family or by the public facilities. In the fast charging mode, it takes about 50 minutes to charge from 0% to 80%, and in the slow charging mode, it can charge 100% in four hours. VE-1 is the first model with sport EV system jointly developed by ghrd and hmct. It can also be regarded as the electric version of biz. The main difference is that the new car adopts trapezoid banner grille design, the charging port is arranged in the center of the car head, and is decorated with blue trim strips, and LED headlamp groups are equipped on both sides. The new vehicle comes from the "sport EV" pure electric vehicle platform of guangben, with length, width and height of 4308mm, 1824mm and 1625mm respectively, and wheelbase of 2610mm. The rear door handle of the new car continues the hidden design of Ponzi. In terms of interior decoration, the overall shape of the car's center console is highly consistent with the design style of Guangzhou Honda Benz. It embellishes the door sound edge, key shift area and instrument panel with electroplated bright blue elements to highlight its electric vehicle identity. In terms of configuration, the new car will provide panoramic sunroof, LED headlamp, rear-view camera, reversing radar, exterior rear-view mirror with side turn light and daytime driving light for option. In terms of power, VE-1 is equipped with a driving motor with a maximum power of 120kw and a peak torque of 280n · m, with a power battery capacity of 53kwh and a NEDC range of 401km. VE-1 provides two charging modes: direct current fast charging and alternating current slow charging, which can be completed in about 30 minutes from 30% to 80% during fast charging and about 9 hours from 5% to 100% during slow charging. The x-nv is built on the basis of the xr-v, maintaining Honda's consistent design style. The front face of the car is a little exaggerated. It adopts the split headlamp design, which has many similarities with the layout design of the front face of the xr-v. The flying wing family front face, with black as the keynote and electroplated blue as the highlight of new energy features, makes the front face of the car sharp refraction of light, cold reveals the sense of personality, and has a strong sense of power. In the rear part of the car, the new car adopts the through type tail lamp group design to further improve the identification degree. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4280mm / 1772mm / 1625mm, the wheelbase is 2610mm, and the size is 215 / 55 R17. In addition, x-nv offers 5 body colors for consumers to choose from. They are moonlight blue, Cabernet, elegant gold, dazzling gold and silver, crystal white. In addition, there are two kinds of seat materials: leather and fabric + leather, which enrich the choice of consumers. In terms of interior decoration, its overall shape is consistent with that of the xr-v, but there are differences in details. The air conditioning control panel is replaced with a button type design, and the central control floor is replaced with an electronic handle and blue elements are added to highlight its electric vehicle identity. In addition, the 8-inch large screen intelligent guidance Internet system, with simple and clear page design, is equipped with LTE networking function as standard, and supports Baidu carlife. In terms of safety technology configuration, x-nv has six airbags for all-round safety protection, Honda VSA body stability control system, Hill assist system has, emergency brake reminder system ess, cruise at constant speed, reversing image + reversing radar, durable wear-resistant tire + TPMS tire pressure monitoring system. X-nv adopts high-efficiency permanent magnet synchronous motor, with maximum torque of 280n · m, maximum power of 120kw, acceleration time of 0-50km / h ≤ 4S, and acceleration time of 0-80km / h ≤ 7.5S. In driving mode, x-nv sets S mode of strong movement and B mode of economic and energy saving. In terms of battery, x-nv is equipped with a ternary lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 53.6kwh, and its NEDC range is 401km. The charging interface is in the middle of the vehicle front grille, AC slow charging (7KW): charging time ≤ 9h (SOC: 5% ~ 100%); DC fast charging (60kW): charging time ≤ 30min (SOC: 30% ~ 80%). The pure electric version of oncino is based on the fuel version, with little change in appearance. The new car is equipped with a closed air intake grill in the middle of the net, which is located behind the LOGO or for the charging socket. The LED headlamp group adopts the split type modeling, and the long and thin daytime running lights above create a more moving visual effect. The shape of the rear of the car corresponds to the front of the car. The same split type lamp group is adopted. The slim led width indicator lamp is matched with the tail lamp group which includes the reversing lamp, steering lamp and rear fog lamp. The length, width and height of the car are 4195 × 1800 × 1580mm respectively, and the wheelbase reaches 2600mm. Except that the height is slightly higher than 5mm, the others are consistent with the gasoline version. In terms of interior decoration, the new car basically maintains the main design of the fuel version of the car, and is equipped with the push-button gearshift mechanism commonly used in pure electric vehicles, further improving the technology sense of the car. Equipped with intelligent Internet connection 2.0 system, it can carry out scene voice interaction, online OTA upgrade, intelligent voice control and other functions, and also has door to door function to realize seamless connection between mobile phone and vehicle navigation; at the same time, it can carry out two-way scene intelligent voice control. The main / CO driver's seat heating, electronic hand brake, auto hold automatic parking system and 7-inch instrument are provided. In terms of power, Beijing Hyundai onsino pure electric will be equipped with (ncm523), with a battery capacity of 64.2kwh, energy density of 141wh / kg and maximum charging power of 70kw; meanwhile, Beijing Hyundai onsino pure electric will also be equipped with a three in one integrated electric drive system of continental electronics, with a maximum power rate of 150KW (204ps) and maximum torque of 310n · m; NEDC will reach 500km and power consumption of 13.8kwh/10 0km, 0-50km / h acceleration time 3.5s, maximum speed 170km / h. The appearance of Audi q2l e-tron continues the design style of the fuel version, and the details are slightly adjusted. The front face is not covered with a closed grille. The front fog lamp area is replaced with a new horizontal stripe shape, and the exhaust pipe is canceled at the rear. The chassis structure is consistent with that of the fuel version, and the battery components are added. The tail of the new car is marked with 30 e-tron, while the q2l logo indicates that it is an extended model. The length, width and height of the new car are 4237 * 1785 * 1548mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2628mm, basically consistent with the fuel version. In addition, the new car's tire size is 215 / 55 R17. In terms of interior decoration, q2l e-tron is not much different from the fuel version. It adopts the design of virtual cockpit as a whole. It is also equipped with blue atmosphere lights on both sides of the central control. It is equipped with MMI multimedia system display screen that supports the fold in. The system not only supports the functions of navigation and WiFi hotspot, but also supports the connection of apple Carplay and Android auto smartphone. The 12.3-inch LCD virtual instrument panel and head up display system are full of technology. In terms of configuration, the Audi q2l standard adaptive cruise system (ACC) can help the driver cope with various emergencies. If a pedestrian suddenly rushes out of the road, or the vehicle in front suddenly stops, Audi q2l will automatically apply the brake. In addition, it also has the city version of the preventive overall safety system, active Lane Assist system, side assist system, upgraded parking system, reversing camera, etc. In terms of power, q2l e-tron is equipped with a driving motor with a maximum power of 136 horsepower and a peak torque of 290 nm. The power comes from the ternary lithium battery pack of Ningde era, with an energy density of 125wh / kg. Driven by this power, the NEDC range of q2l e-tron is 265km, and the top speed is 150km / h. Conclusion: Although more and more joint-venture pure electric vehicles are on the market, most of them are built on the basis of fuel vehicles with good sales volume. However, these foreign car companies have paid more and more attention to the pure electric vehicles launched in China, which can be seen from the more centralized launch of these models in the second half of 2019. What's more, these listed companies basically cater to the preferences of Chinese consumers.

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