From 215000, is the "Cheapest" Lexus worth starting with?

Posted 2022-11-23 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

What are the selling points? The author thinks that in addition to a few performance models, Lexus buyers are all interested in the shape with Japanese luxury sense, the same level of leading comfort, reliability, original quality, advanced hybrid technology and so on. But as a luxury brand, Lexus has a high premium component, which also makes it have a high purchasing threshold. But this time we're going to talk about Lexus. Almost all of these Lexus selling points just mentioned have been mentioned. At the same time, it's the most entry-level model of Lexus with a guidance price of 215000. It's ct200h. Is the cheapest Lexus worth buying? Let's analyze. At present, the "latest" CT on sale is only 2017 models. Compared with many models updated every year, it is inevitable that it will have a sense of "out of date" that does not keep up with the pace of the times. But it's worth mentioning that even for the "old car" that hasn't been updated for three years, the CT's appearance is not out of date today. I believe most people can accept the design details of the whole car. But I also think it has a disadvantage, that is its car foundation. For most of the consumers who hold the concept of "the hatchback must belong to the low end" and "it is the basic car", ct200h is undoubtedly the first option excluded at the same level. This must also be one of the main reasons why it often fails to sell three car domestic A-class and BMW 1 series. Like appearance, interior decoration is not out of date, but I think it is just not out of date. The physical pointer instrument panel, the simple three panel steering wheel, and the central control with buttons placed neatly can't find much design sense today. The 7-inch floating display screen can be described as "pitifully small" in the whole central control system, and there are no screens in the minimum and secondary low configuration versions. Carplay, Internet of vehicles, intelligent voice and other functions can't be expected in 2017's "old car". Even the brake is a simple mechanical foot brake. With a large area of plastic material, even though the workmanship is good, the functional distinction is simple, the ergonomics is reasonable, and the buttons and knobs have good feedback, we need to know that today in 2020, 100000 domestic SUVs can almost bring enough intelligent and luxurious interior, not to mention compare with Mercedes Benz with the same level and high atmosphere. The same level of driving space performance is medium, after all, it is a two compartment compact car. There's no problem with the front seats. I can't flatter the back seats. Passengers over 185cm in height are easily confused by the rear ceiling if they don't pay attention. It's praiseworthy that the rear central floor is fairly flat, but it doesn't seem to make much sense to it. The soft and hard seats with moderate support and good package can be regarded as the middle and superior level in the same level, which also saves some comfort. In terms of power, looking at the power layout, we can imagine that 200H has little to do with performance. Compared with those simple and crude small displacement supercharged models on the market, the hybrid system with good skills is more energy-saving and environmental protection. The maximum power of 1.8L naturally aspirated Atkinson cycle is only 99 HP. Even if the initial stage is supported by the motor, the word "fast" has nothing to do with it. The breaking time of 11.1s proves this. The dynamic performance in the same level belongs to the medium level. Firstly, the chassis is soft but supports enough, and it is very delicate. This is not the "shell changing" mixed kinetic energy ratio, so it proves again that the "platform wheel" is unscientific. The connectivity of the engine intervention moment is also good, without too much frustration and abruptness. The steering force is moderate but more accurate. Friends who like to focus on the so-called "road sense" suggest not to choose it. The sound insulation performance is general. In addition to the annoying wind dryness at high speed, when the power is insufficient at idle speed, the noise and vibration of the engine with particle sense will also be mercilessly introduced into the car, which is very cheap for a luxury brand model. From various perspectives, it can be seen that the Lexus ct200h, an old car that hasn't been updated in three years, is a "Buddhist" utility car that takes the route of energy conservation and emission reduction. The pursuit of performance is not suitable, the pursuit of control is not suitable, and the pursuit of intelligence is not suitable. But if you need a city commuter car, and most of the time, you don't have a high pursuit of carrying people and high-tech configuration; or you are "infatuated" by its stylish appearance, it is very suitable. But it has to be said that the CT guidance price is RMB 21500-282000, and the official does not provide any preferential policies. So in my opinion, even if you are just mentioned as "suitable for the crowd", its price is still too expensive, which must be one of the main reasons for the poor performance of CT market. After years of no update and poor sales, the Lexus ct200h gradually lost its sense of existence. As for whether to update or leave in the future, it depends on how the authorities deal with it.

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