Global customized FCA equipped with intelligent network package for new cars

Posted 2022-11-24 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

In the era of intelligent Internet connection, the research and development focus of many enterprises is to simplify the operation process of drivers and passengers while ensuring safety. Recently, according to foreign media reports, Fiat Chrysler (FCA) selected the intelligent Internet connection solution of idemia to improve the user experience of the intelligent Internet connection vehicle. The GSMA compliance intelligent networking solution under idemia can strengthen the vehicle's intelligent networking ecosystem, improve driving safety and simplify operation. In order to ensure the safety of the intelligent Internet connected vehicle, idemia invented an ESIM card, which is built into the vehicle to protect the vehicle's electronic equipment from network attacks, and encrypted connection based on cloud service. For driver identification, idemia also created a digital ID, once registered, the driver can open the door or start the vehicle through a keyless solution. In addition, the system will also fine tune the service scope of different identity personnel through different identity authentication of drivers and passengers. Idemia will build its ESIM scheme into FCA new models, which will be available in the global market. FCA can dynamically select the best service provider in the world, so as to show the optimized intelligent network connection level for users. Idemia's smart connect solution also lays the foundation for providing predictive maintenance and auto insurance related services for vehicles, and provides remote software upgrade services while simplifying the manufacturing process. In addition, according to the regulations and requirements of different regions, idemia can also customize the personalized intelligent networking product package. Through the smart connect platform, the system will connect the vehicle data information with the relevant after-sales service companies. When the potential failure of the vehicle is found according to the data calculation, the platform will directly report, so as to provide the user with targeted maintenance programs, and avoid the stereotyped regular after-sales maintenance. According to relevant data, by 2024, the proportion of intelligent connected vehicles in the total vehicle sales will reach more than 90%. In 2017-2030, the value of the vehicle intelligent network connection service will also leap by 28%. With the rapid growth of the number of intelligent network connected vehicles, the intelligent network connected solutions provided by idemia will become more and more important. Idemia is a combination of Obert technology and Safran identity and security company. The company mainly provides users with payment, networking, tourism and other services in the Internet era. Up to now, more than 500 mobile operators have cooperated with idemia worldwide, and a number of vehicle enterprises have become service customers of idemia.

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