How to balance power and emission? Inspire mixed action gives you the answer

Posted 2022-08-20 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

In recent years, Dongfeng Honda's sales achievements have attracted people's attention. In such a cold winter of the so-called car market, it seems that it is an opportunity. In fact, it is Dongfeng Honda's deep cultivation and layout of its brand power and product power. In 2019, Dongfeng Honda completed the family layout of "+ sedan +" whole car series, which is a pioneer in the industry. Among them, the flagship vehicle, aspire hybrid, uses high-end technology to achieve elegant vehicle temperament, taking into account multiple factors such as power, emission, economy and so on, demonstrating the future development of hybrid vehicles. The world's leading hybrid technology to evaluate a hybrid car, the first thing to see is the powertrain. Although the hybrid technology started not so early, Honda engineers who are good at research completed the curve overtaking with their strength. From the initial IMA to the current i-mmd, the accumulation of more than 20 years, honda hybrid has reached the world's leading level. And it's very safe. So far, Honda has sold nearly 2 million hybrid models in the world, but there hasn't been any burning, electric leakage or electric shock accidents. Different from the development of other hybrid power, i-mmd hybrid power system adopts the idea of double motor, innovatively designs a set of multi parallel shaft integrated transmission device, which becomes a more special and advanced way in this field. Through the switch between different working modes, the power and fuel economy are considered. In 2017, 2019 and 2020, it was selected into the top ten of ward for three times, representing the world-class technology level. Just mentioned the flagship car, the inspire hybrid is the power assembly. Inspire positioning is elegant and high-end, and the adjustment is more accurate and delicate. The inspire hybrid powertrain consists of an Atkinson cycle engine + i-mmd dual motor hybrid power system. It has three driving modes: "EV mode", "hybrid mode" (HV) "and" engine direct connection mode (Eng) ", which can perfectly cope with all kinds of driving situations. The first is the battery powered driving mode, which is suitable for starting from a standstill and driving at a low speed; the second is the hybrid driving mode, which is powered by the engine and directly drives the wheels for the motor, which is suitable for the high load and rapid acceleration conditions; the third is the engine driven mode, the Atkinson cycle engine directly drives the wheels, which is suitable for the phase of high-speed cruise For low load conditions. At this time, the engine works in the most economical mode. And VTC electronic control valve control more accurate, higher fuel efficiency! The maximum power of 2.0L engine is 107 kW, and the maximum torque is 175 n · m; the maximum power of motor is 135kW, and the peak torque is 315n · M. After optimization and adjustment, the power assembly has the function of kinetic energy recovery, which can convert the wasted energy into power again. Finally, the power performance of inspire hybrid can be modeled as strong as 2.0T, with the comprehensive maximum power of 158kw, acceleration of 100km for 8.9s and minimum fuel consumption of 4.0l/100km. On August 26, 2019, the National Engineering Laboratory of electric vehicles of Beijing University of science and technology conducted a professional evaluation on i-mmd, believing that the i-mmd hybrid system is at the leading level in the world, and affirmed the excellent performance and outstanding performance of the aspire hybrid model! From the high-tech sense of security, Honda connect is the best car, safety is the first, how to talk about "elegance"? Inspire hybrid is equipped with advanced Honda connect intelligent guidance interconnection system. According to the actual road traffic conditions, we can recommend driving routes and accurately predict the arrival time. At the same time, it can also provide destination, weather, news and other information services, and all these operations can be completed without connecting to the mobile phone, so easy! Honda's latest Honda With the support of sensing safety super sensitive system, the inspire hybrid can identify the attribute and size of the object through the camera in front of the car, identify the position and speed of the object through the radar, calculate the response measures, and try to prevent accidents. Including ACC active cruise control system with LSF low speed follow function, FCW pre collision warning system, CMBS Gamma Collision mitigation braking system, LKAS lane keeping assistant system, RDM lane deviation suppression system, LDW lane deviation warning system, TSR traffic sign intelligent recognition system, etc., share driving tasks with L2 level intelligent driving leading technology, protect the safety of passengers and pedestrians, keep calm and "elegant". Nowadays, the internal and external design of the trend has gradually become the "new force" of automobile consumption. Their cognition of automobile is gradually returning from the concept of "heavy assets" to the attribute of "ordinary consumer goods", and the concept of "beauty value" is popular. Let the dynamic model with the smell of sports car running become the trend of car purchase, of course, young people also have their own positive energy side, and they should maintain an elegant attitude. At the beginning of the design, in-depth research has been conducted on the lifestyle of young people, and inspire accurately feeds back their diversified scene needs in terms of product strength. Inspire is fashionable and elegant, which can make many people "call" at the first sight. All led "feathered" headlamp group design, not only beautiful shape, but also has the advantages of wide irradiation range and fast lighting speed, one "eye" positioning. The car body perfectly integrates the concave and convex with the sense of strength, which is unforgettable. The interior is also impressive. It adopts the current popular design style of full LCD instrument panel + suspended central control panel, and also equipped with interior atmosphere lamp, further improving the sense of technology and elegant atmosphere. The large-scale tilting sliding panoramic roof, combined with the functions of seat heating, seat lumbar, and seat ventilation, makes driving a comfortable enjoyment. The air conditioner filter can filter air impurities such as tiny particles, pollen, bacteria, industrial waste gas, dust, etc. it can easily deal with haze or air allergy. If the future development direction of automobile is clean energy and intelligent driving, the layout of Dongfeng Honda hybrid family and its grasp of advanced technology may be one of the reasons why it bucked the trend in the depression. With high-end technology to maintain elegance, inspire hybrid has been in the forefront of intermediate vehicles, which also makes the expectation of hybrid cars more and more intense.

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