Ideal one is about to push on-board wechat function: voice control sending information

Posted 2022-12-27 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Many people have a bad habit of chatting with wechat while driving. When the screen is on and the wechat reminder sounds, you are tempted to look around, which brings safety risks to driving. Recently, from the perspective of demonstration video, the car wechat system can send "wechat voice" or dial "wechat phone" through multi-function buttons or voice commands, but whether it can send text messages, and whether it can automatically broadcast wechat voice and text messages of the sender is unclear at present. Previously, the CEO of idealized automobile said that idealized one would push an OTA to users in March 2020. Now, the vehicle wechat exposed this time is expected to be pushed in March. It is reported that the purpose of the ideal one car wechat function is to provide drivers with a very safe and convenient way to operate wechat. As for the actual experience, let's wait and see.

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