Ideal one launch spring OTA program: Bluetooth headset function is too considerate!

Posted 2022-10-18 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

A few days ago, the official microblog of idealized car said that after a winter of owner use and feedback, idealized one has prepared its spring OTA air upgrade plan. It is understood that idealized car will upgrade OTA for idealized one's hardware control and software experience at the end of February, March and April respectively. In the aspect of hardware control, ideal one changes the energy mode from three to two, which are pure electric priority and fuel priority. In the fuel priority mode, the ideal one can always keep the power level in a good state, so that the vehicle has the best performance. In addition, it optimizes the noise and fuel consumption in this mode. It is worth mentioning that in the two energy modes of ideal one, the control buttons for power holding and launch start are added respectively. The battery hold can be turned on at any power level of the vehicle, and the ideal one is equipped with an extender to keep the battery at a constant level. As for the launch start function, I believe everyone has a fresh memory of the launch start of GTR launch control, but the ideal one does not need so many operations. At the software experience level, ideal one has made it clear that it will add the functions of wechat in vehicle. According to the disclosure of this official wechat and the video demonstration of the former ideal automobile product manager, car cloud fungus learned that users can log in to their personal wechat account synchronously on the ideal one, can initiate voice calls through the buttons on the multi-functional steering wheel, or can use the car machine to receive and send wechat by waking up the "ideal students". In addition, the on-board wechat function can also be opened and closed according to the user's personal needs, which is very user-friendly. However, according to the information known at present, the car wechat of the ideal one does not have the function of robbing the red envelope, which is still a little behind the Changan cs75 plus, GAC motor GS4 and hafe F5 that have already carried the car wechat. The good news is that ideal one is ahead of a new group of car makers. In addition to the heavy OTA upgrade of wechat, ideal one also optimizes the UI interaction design. On the one hand, it optimizes the display of endurance mileage, low power and time. Now users can choose the percentage of remaining power or oil to display, so that the ideal one, which is similar to the IOS system interaction design, adds some flavor of apple. On the other hand, ideal one also adds the remaining endurance display mode based on wltc working condition, so that users can be more confident about the vehicle's endurance. More importantly, ideal one has also developed the function of the passenger Bluetooth headset. We know that the "co driver screen" of the ideal one is specially designed for the entertainment needs of the co driver in the car. The co driver can get wonderful audio-visual enjoyment through the way of external headphones. The opening of Bluetooth headset function will further increase the entertainment experience of passenger. In the view of car cloud bacteria, the Bluetooth headset function is the ideal one in this spring's OTA plan. In addition to the car wechat function, it is the most practical and obvious update that can improve the user experience. It should be noted that the ideal one will also add a classic Bluetooth connection mode, which can ensure that the prompt tone of the mobile phone will not interrupt the music playing. The OTA air upgrade function has become an indispensable weapon for the new forces of vehicle building. Every time a preview of the OTA upgrade plan for new vehicles is made, it also becomes a hot gimmick for the new forces. OTA air upgrade function can not only make users feel the care of the car enterprise, but also make the car enterprise keep up with the trend of the times and constantly absorb excellent products in other fields. I believe that the cooperation with station B will also make more and more new forces of car building pay attention to the important influence of station B on young consumers. In fact, in addition to the update described above, the ideal one's spring OTA plan has also made efforts in some details.

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