In 2020, we want to buy new energy vehicles. We can't miss these new models

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Its new compact car, Volkswagen id.3, was first released in China on October 31, 19. The new car is built on the basis of Volkswagen MEB platform, providing three different endurance mileage versions, and will be localized in 2020. At the same time, the latest version of Volkswagen brand logo will also be released for the first time in China. In terms of appearance, as a pure electric vehicle, the front face of id.3 does not have the traditional middle net, while the cross type black plastic air inlet under the front bumper and the perforated design above it add a sense of design to the new car. The most amazing part of the new car's front face is the headlights. The LED headlights adopt a circular design, with a honeycomb structure on the outside. In addition, the LED daytime running lights depicting the outline of the light group and an LED light belt connecting the new Volkswagen logo to the headlight groups on both sides make the lighting effect very amazing and have a great sense of the future. At the side of the car body, a straight waist line runs through the charging port cover from the front fender nameplate to the tail lamp group, bringing a three-dimensional light and shadow effect to the side. The A-pillar of id.3 is inclined and equipped with a large-scale front triangle window, which brings a better field of vision, while the C-pillar is decorated with a ripple pattern. In addition, the id.3 adopts the Silver Black two-color low wind resistance style wheel hub, which has high identification. Id.3 adopts the black roof design, and the black parts are included in the rear spoiler and the tailbox cover, which brings a sense of hierarchy to the rear of the car. In addition, it is matched with the Volkswagen logo that can be lit to make the car full. Id.3 the tail lamp does not adopt the one-piece tail lamp design which is almost flooded at present, and the style is like a flat "P" letter. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of id.3 are 4261 / 1809 / 1552mm, the wheelbase is 2765mm, and the vehicle weight is 1719kg. In terms of interior decoration, the interior design of id.3 has changed a lot compared with the traditional fuel vehicles of Volkswagen. The most special change is the design that the electronic handle is connected with the instrument panel. The handle is integrated on the right side of the LCD instrument panel, with unique shape. The user can change gears by turning the end, and the right side of the instrument panel can also display the current gear. In the power system part, id.3 is equipped with a rear mounted single motor, with a maximum power of 150KW (204ps) and a peak torque of 310n · M. In terms of endurance, id.3 will provide three different versions of endurance mileage. The basic version can reach 330km, the medium distance version 420km and the long endurance version 550km. The power battery capacity of the three endurance versions is 45kwh, 58kwh and 77kwh respectively. This model will also be equipped with an 8-year or 160000 km warranty. Expected launch time of Xiaopeng P7: in the second quarter of 2020, its new pure electric car, Xiaopeng P7, released its pre-sale price at the end of 2019, with an overall range of 240000-370000. The new car has 5 major versions, including rear drive ultra long endurance model and four-wheel drive high-performance model. Among them, the rear drive long endurance version will be equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum power of 196kw, and the endurance mileage under NEDC condition will exceed 550km. In terms of appearance, Xiaopeng P7 adopts the design language of "interstellar", and the design of split headlights makes it highly recognizable. The top half adopts the through LED light belt, which stretches the visual width of the whole vehicle, further reduces the visual center of gravity of the whole vehicle, and shows more movement. In terms of body size, the length of the new car is 4900mm and the wheelbase is 3000mm. From the side of the car body, the overall line is soft, and the hidden door handle is adopted, which can reduce certain wind resistance and improve the sense of technology of the vehicle. In terms of the tail, its biggest feature is the sliding back design, and the overall car design moves backward, which makes the new car present a style similar to the rear driving type. The rise of the tail end also adds a small duck tail shape. In terms of interior decoration, the interior style of Xiaopeng P7 follows the trend. The instrument panel and the central control screen adopt an integrated design, which is composed of a 10.25-inch high-definition full LCD intelligent instrument and a 14.97-inch suspended touch screen. This design style is very popular with young consumers at present. The interior adopts Black / red color, which looks particularly sporty. The buttons, steering wheel and loudspeaker in the interior are designed with 2.5D curved surface. Xpilot 3.0 intelligent assistant driving system, intelligent Internet connection and AI experience, intelligent interaction, intelligent ecology, car OTA upgrade, etc. are equipped for the car. In terms of power, the maximum power of Xiaopeng P7 four-wheel drive high-performance model is 316kw, peak torque is 655n · m, acceleration time of 0-100km / h is 4.3s, NEDC comprehensive endurance mileage is 550 + km; rear drive ultra long endurance model, maximum power is 196kw, peak torque is 390 N? M, 0-100km / h acceleration time is 6.7s, NEDC comprehensive endurance mileage is 650 + km; rear drive long endurance model (New), maximum power and peak torque are the same as rear drive ultra long endurance model, NEDC comprehensive endurance mileage is 550 + km. All models have been booked, and the launch of new vehicles is expected in the second quarter of 2020. Expected launch time of Han DM / EV: in June 2020, BYD's latest positioning medium-sized B-class sedan, Han EV / DM, adopted "EV dragon face" and dragon face 2.0 design language. It is worth mentioning that "Han" is BYD's first product adopting "double appearance design". There is a clear distinction between the front face of Han EV and Han dmev and DM models. DM models retain the iconic large mouth middle net design of dragon face design language, and multiple horizontal chrome plating decorative strips make the whole front look more refined. In terms of the rear end, BYD's EV / DM model adopts the design of "front round rear", mainly to reduce the wind resistance. According to the official, the more "round" the front section of the vehicle, the faster it fits the body when the wind strikes the vehicle at the beginning, and the more "square" the rear, the faster the wind can leave the body at the rear. At the same time, according to the application chart, the car adopts the through tail light group design, and the large-scale trapezoid license plate area below, with a full sense of hierarchy. In terms of body size, its length, width and height are 4980 / 1910 / 1495mm respectively, and its wheelbase is 2920mm. At the same time, the car will also provide 245 / 50 R18 and 245 / 45 R19 specifications for consumers to choose from. In terms of configuration, the new car will provide panoramic skylight, various styles of wheel rim modeling, etc. In terms of power, the DM version will have two versions: front drive and full-time four-wheel drive. Among them, a 2.0T + 110KW motor is set in front of the four-wheel drive version, and a driving motor with a power of up to 350kW is set in the rear axle. The total energy of the power battery reaches 22kwh, and the pure electric endurance is 100km. There are also two power versions available for EV Models. Among them, a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum power of 163kw is installed on the front axle of the four-wheel drive model, and a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum power of 200kW is installed on the rear axle. At present, the official didn't disclose about the vehicle's endurance. In addition, the current declared models are equipped with lithium iron phosphate batteries. Expected time to market: in April 2020, Rongwei ei6 is equipped with the only sky panoramic skylight at the same level, which is the first time that the brand model is equipped with an integrated panoramic skylight. From the official figure of this exposure, it can be seen that the roof of the new car is completely covered by a whole piece of glass. The dynamic arc shape is naturally connected with the fluid surface of the car body, reducing the visual height of the car body and presenting the integrated pure visual perception. At the same time, the integrated panoramic roof ensures the transparency of the car to the greatest extent, so that users can enjoy a wider and more comfortable driving experience. Its body dimensions are 4724 / 1835 / 1493mm in length, width and height, and the wheelbase is 2715mm. Roewe ei6 also creatively adopts the hub with low wind resistance and high performance. The hub is composed of several centrosymmetric geometric figures, showing a sharp sense of order and surging vitality; the point texture corresponds to the design features of the front and rear of the vehicle, more dynamic; the spoke shape surface is optimized by aerodynamics for many times, greatly improving the airflow around the wheel, reducing aerodynamic resistance, reducing wind resistance coefficient, and helping the vehicle achieve the ultimate endurance of 600km. According to the current official news, Roewe ei6 is equipped with LED matrix headlights and parameterized active air intake system. After the launch of the new car, the main competitors focus on the biyadiqin Pro EV, aion s and other models. With reference to its market positioning and the price of competitive products, it is estimated that the starting price will exceed 140000. E-rock is expected to go on the market: in March 2020, Chang'an's new pure electric compact model, Chang'an e-rock, is expected to go on the market as early as March and as late as April. At the same time, the taxi will carry a group provided by BYD, with a comprehensive NEDC range of 605km. In terms of appearance, the overall shape of Chang'an e-rock is very similar to cs55 plus, but the details have been readjusted. The integrated shape of the headlight and China Grid is adopted, which looks more integrated. With the use of high frequency closed grid for new energy vehicles, it can be seen that it has a high degree of identification. At the side of the car body, a waistline extends from the front fender to the tail light, which makes the design of the side of the car body have a better extension effect and look more slender. The dimensions of the new car are 4515 / 1860 / 1690mm and the wheelbase is 2650mm. In the rear part of the car, Chang'an e-rock adopts a through type tail lamp set, and the overall shape of the rear part is more full. In terms of power, it is equipped with a driving motor with a maximum power of 160kW (218ps), and the battery pack is the ternary lithium battery provided by BYD. At the same time, the official said the NEDC of the car has a endurance of 605km. Estimated time of launch: in the first half of 2020, Chevy Chevy Chevy Chevy is the first pure electric vehicle of Chevy in China. It is equipped with a 10.1-inch central control screen and the latest generation of mylink + intelligent system, which provides functions such as virtual key, remote control, intelligent voice recognition, etc. NEDC has a range of 410km and will be officially launched in the first half of 2020. In terms of appearance, the new car adopts the latest family design and the design elements of the Chevrolet fnr-x concept car as a whole. The front part of the new car is rich in lines, and the closed grille is decorated with blue decorative strips. The black anti friction strip and silver shield around the car body bring obvious crossover style. On the side of the car, the new car adopts a segmented waistline design, with a high wheel arch, full of a sense of movement. The rear of the new car adopts the Chevrolet family design, the overlapping tail lamp group is wrapped by a large-scale bright black decorative plate, and the rest is designed with a large area of white space, which looks simple. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4665 / 1818 / 1538 (1513) mm and the wheelbase is 2660mm. In terms of interior decoration, the overall design of the center console is light and simple, with a 10.1-inch suspended center console. The steering wheel is a three spoke flat bottom steering wheel with a full sense of movement, and with a full LCD dashboard, it creates a strong technological atmosphere as a whole. Changxun will be equipped with a 10.1-inch color touch screen, the latest generation of mylink + smart link system, intelligent voice recognition, remote OTA upgrade, support for Apple Carplay and Baidu carlife. At the same time, by creating a personalized account, you can connect the mobile phone with the car app with one key, and all of its car apps can enjoy the "OnStar agixing car app traffic free for life" service of 100g every year. In addition, Changxun is also equipped with a new generation of anjixin intelligent car coupling system, which enables users to enjoy virtual key, remote control, automatic collision help, emergency rescue assistance, 4G LTE wireless WiFi hotspot, hands-free phone and vehicle condition detection services. In terms of power, Changxun is equipped with a motor provided by Huayu Automobile Electric System Co., Ltd. with a maximum power of 110KW (150ps), and the ternary lithium battery is provided by SAIC times power battery system Co., Ltd. with a endurance of 410km of NEDC. In the DC fast charging mode, 0% to 80% of the charging time is within 40 min. Expected launch time of Nezha U: the second mass production vehicle in February 2020 - Nezha u will be officially launched in February 2020

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