In the fight of independent new energy, by what does the new qinev stand out?

Posted 2020-04-30 09:15:30 +0000 UTC

With the impact of the epidemic gradually reduced, the car market showed a significant recovery in March. Turning over the hot new energy sales list, the company won the double champion of its own brand new energy vehicle sales in a single month and a single quarter with 5271 units in March and 8390 units in the first quarter. As we all know, when the major independent brands rush into the new energy field, they will directly intensify the competition in this market segment; and when the overall downward trend of the car market, the competition in each market segment will be pulled to a new height. Then in such a big environment, the brand-new qinev can still stand out. What is the key? Professional pure electric platform is the result of the advantage of platformization first. When many competitors are still playing "oil to electricity", the brand-new qinev has used the professional vehicle platform - E platform; BYD's accomplishments in the field of electric vehicles believe that there is no need to elaborate, even if it is put on the global level, it is also considered to be the leader of the industry. Let's take a look at the core of electric vehicles - endurance and charging efficiency. Here, we will compare the sales volume of the same level with that of 5. Based on the E platform, the new qinev adopts a highly integrated and lightweight design, which makes its 100 km energy consumption as low as 12.9kwh, and the low energy consumption also brings the longest NEDC endurance of 421km for the new qinev at the same level. In terms of charging rate, it only takes 30 minutes for the new qinev to charge from 30% to 80%, and only 1.5h for it to charge from 0 to full. For consumers, the charging time directly affects the convenience of the car. The brand new qinev only needs a cup of coffee for you to drive 100 kilometers more. In fact, for the friends who choose electric vehicles, energy consumption, endurance and charging rate are the most important points they care about, which is also the most important indicator to measure the quality of a pure electric vehicle. The reason why the brand-new qinev can become the best model is because of its three core advantages of low energy consumption, true endurance and strong fast charging. So in the competition with the same level of models, the new qinev with these three advantages is enough to easily win. In addition to high security, battery security is another core competitiveness of new qinev. Friends who are familiar with BYD know that it starts from the battery field and is the first tier battery supplier in the world. Opening the history of BYD battery, it has handed in the report card of power battery 0 accident for 16 years. For the brand-new qinev, BYD also provided a 7-d 4-layer battery safety matrix to protect the safety, and comprehensively tested the safety of single battery, module, battery pack and system from reliable connection, high-voltage protection, collision, overcharge, internal and external short circuit, thermal runaway and other aspects, which has been regarded as the highest level of protection in the same level of models. In addition, due to the degree of self-confidence in their own products and the elimination of consumer concerns, BYD specially provides the brand-new qinev with the policy of battery cell lifetime warranty, which is also the only one in the same level of models. Intelligent configuration when BYD first added the self-adaptive rotating large screen in the car, many people thought it was a little "pompous", but the people who actually used it could not escape the "true fragrance law"; on the new qinev, the 10.1-inch self-adaptive rotating floating pad was also not absent, and the intelligent experience it could provide was really "unforgettable". Once I used this screen in my test drive, which is different from the ordinary car machine system. The operation logic of this screen is the same as that of the mobile phone, and the app is highly compatible. Users can operate this system just like they can operate the mobile phone. Especially in the aspect of entertainment, whether it's games like King glory or listening software like Himalayas, it supports and runs smoothly, and the rich experience it can provide is true It's not easy to catch up with the same model. In addition, BYD cloud service app also supports functions such as remote control of door lock / unlock, real-time vehicle condition monitoring, remote car search, etc.; these functions may not have been valued by consumers, but the practicability of these functions has been proved too much in the car use life at present. For example, in winter / summer, turn on the heating / air conditioning in the car in advance to ensure the temperature in the car in advance; or when a friend needs to pick up an object on the car, even if the owner is not nearby, it can be easily completed through the remote unlocking function, greatly improving the convenience of using the car. Write in the last part: in the competition with the same price model, the brand new qinev not only wins in any aspect, but also has a very comprehensive and outstanding advantage; and the price of such super level works is only 129900-139900, which is obviously superior in terms of cost performance. It is these advantages that make it stand out in the fierce fight. In the future, such advantages may be magnified. Under the influence of the epidemic and the poor environment of the car market, the consumption of each market segment will gradually focus on the strong brands and models, and the brand and model strength of BYD brand new qinev is the most dazzling one in the independent new energy camp.

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