Is it worth considering to test drive FAW Volkswagen Maxon GTE with a full power range of 56 km?

Posted 2020-09-05 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

After the test drive of FAW Volkswagen New Maxon at the beginning of the month, the test drive of FAW Volkswagen Maxon GTE will come at the end of the month. After a month's test drive of two different versions of Volkswagen's new maiteng, how do we evaluate the performance of maiteng GTE? How to choose the two cars better? This issue will reveal the answer together. In the last period, we gave you a test drive of FAW Volkswagen New maiteng (hereinafter referred to as "new maiteng") in the form of video. The biggest impression that the car left me was that the power performance was very surging, but with the high fuel consumption performance, not everyone could accept it. Today, we test drive the FAW Volkswagen New maiteng GTE (hereinafter referred to as "maiteng GTE"). Compared with the fuel version, what are the highlights of the plug-in hybrid version of the maiteng GTE? We'll find out today. First, let's talk about its fuel consumption level. Presumably, for a plug-in hybrid model, many peers will test its minimum fuel consumption, and we can often see such a title, such as: the new totem GTE with a mileage less than 4 liters or the minimum cost per kilometer of the new totem GTE is less than 30 cents, etc. It's true that this kind of fuel consumption performance really makes many car owners greedy, but what we test is not its minimum fuel consumption, but how many liters can it achieve under the premise of ensuring daily fierce driving? Conditions: the total mileage is more than 300km, the battery is not charged during the driving period, the air conditioning temperature is kept at 19.5 ℃, GTE mode and standard mode are mixed, the acceleration and braking performance of 100km are tested many times, and after our one-stop operation, the final fuel consumption of this Maxton GTE has achieved 6.7l/100km performance, and the power consumption level is 0.7kwh/100km, leaving The remaining pure electric driving mileage is 6km. Personally, I think that for a plug-in hybrid vehicle, its average performance has been lower than that of a normal fuel intermediate car. After finishing the energy consumption level, let's look at the direct driving experience of this maiteng GTE. First of all, in terms of acceleration performance, due to the GTE mode (the most powerful power output mode) of Maxton GTE, the motor and engine can jointly generate force in the initial stage, bringing strong back pushing ability. The acceleration ability will be weakened to a certain extent after exceeding 60km / h, but the overall acceleration strength is worth affirming, and the acceleration time of 0-100km / h finally reaches 7.4 seconds. Secondly, in terms of braking, the brake pedal of Maxton GTE can give people a solid feeling. The release of the overall braking force is relatively uniform, but the foot feeling in the later stage is too heavy. Finally, in terms of suspension, the suspension travel of new maiteng GTE is longer than that of new maiteng, and the performance of comfort is better. It may be asked, who is more worth buying than the new maiteng GTE? I personally feel that if we put aside the fuel consumption factor, the purchase value of the new maiteng is stronger than that of the maiteng GTE. Although the GTE has lower fuel consumption and can drive better without worrying too much about fuel consumption, compared with the new GTE, its stronger safe driving system (mainly on L2 level automatic driving assistance system) and more advanced equipment (such as updated steering wheel modeling and DCC dynamic suspension with stronger technology) are more worthy of me They go shopping. Above we have simply said the test drive experience of the GTE and the comparison and purchase of the new GTE. Next let's take a look at the other highlights of the entire model. Before the start of the highlights, it was stated that the model of our test drive was: the 2020 GTE noble model of Maxton GTE, with the official price of 268900 yuan. In addition, there is also a luxury model with a price of 253900 yuan, but I think the noble model is more cost-effective than the luxury model. First of all, in terms of scientific and technological equipment, the noble model will be equipped with matrix LED headlamp group (including dynamic steering lamp) with steering lighting, which can provide more intelligent lighting functions and also has a very high-level modeling. In addition, the noble model will also be equipped with active braking function, which can provide dual anti-collision protection functions at the front and rear (Note: if the obstacle is too low, it can not be accurately identified). Secondly, in terms of comfort equipment, the configuration of Maxton GTE is not ambiguous at all, such as: three zone constant temperature automatic air conditioning, wireless charging, smart phone connectivity (apple Carplay, Baidu carlife and mirrorlink, etc.), electric adjustment function of front seat + lumbar adjustment + three groups of memory function, copilot boss key, 30 color atmosphere light and panoramic skylight, etc. In addition, we don't need to worry about the performance in space. The 2871mm long wheelbase can absolutely meet the needs of any business reception. In addition, the rear headrest also has additional supporting function, which makes the performance of comfort better. Finally, in terms of the rear of the car, compared with the electric trunk, I think "letters under the logo" may be more in line with the taste of ordinary users, after all, there was a good story. In addition, the matrix LED taillight group also better echoes this noble temperament. In terms of power, Meiteng GTE is equipped with a plug-in hybrid system composed of 1.4T turbocharged engine and motor. The maximum output of 1.4T turbocharged engine is 150 HP and 250 nm, the maximum output of motor is 85 kW and 330 nm peak torque, and the transmission system adopts 6-speed double clutch transmission. In terms of pure electricity, the Maxton GTE can last for 56 km, and the maximum supporting speed of the motor is 60 km / h. Finally, conclusion: for the GTE, I personally think its biggest value is that the performance of fuel consumption is very surprising, and the whole car is satisfactory in terms of comfort and convenience. All in all, for the owners of the Maxton GTE, it's right to save fuel and drive better.

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