It's not enough to see how "old playwrights" cope with youth

Posted 2020-09-01 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

As the main medium-sized car market, there are many classic models that have been passed on for more than 30 years, accompanied by generations of people. Most of them are stable, moderate in design, and pursue balance in all aspects. Now it has entered an era of great changes. Whether it is the new car making force or the younger consumption, it seems that they are all departing from the original design intention of these old models accompanied by generations of people. In the face of new consumer demand, how to continue to win the love of the younger generation without making some changes is not enough. Let's see what these old models have done for the picky young generation. What the younger generation likes when Wang Junkai starts to speak for the new car, you can understand that the main consumers have been firmly younger, how to win the favor of the younger generation, first of all, we need to find out what they need. According to the consumption report of the post-95 and even Post-00 generations, this generation is more self-centered, inclined to lazy consumption, and is the first generation of mobile Internet natives and beauties Value economy, and purchasing power is amazing. For car purchase demand, it is no longer to pursue big and comprehensive, but to have distinct characteristics and pay attention to brand influence, which is not a small challenge for the old brand who has accumulated certain brand effect in the market for many years. If they want sports, their performance is essential; if they want intelligent Internet connection, generation Z can't be separated from social media; if they want technology, it's obviously not appropriate for them to be moderate and stable without any black technology, and of course, the most important beauty. The new GS continues to enhance sports features with the eighth generation ECOTEC with variable cylinder 2.0T power speaking of Buick Regal, I'm sure many people will think of the label of "sports intermediate car". In the early stage, Regal model just came into being, or it's completely American style languid and lazy, which has nothing to do with sports or even youth. It's a typical middle-aged old cadre car. However, after a transformation, Regal gradually has a new position, no matter the shape or dynamic table Now they are getting younger. In particular, GS sports model has become one of the few sports performance oriented models in the same level. The sculptural aesthetics of the new Regal GS is more mature in appearance. The new matrix full LED headlights are equipped with anti glare high beam technology, and the horse contact MC5 245 / 45 R18 and red Brembo calipers are also equipped with dazzling sports equipment. Of course, the power performance is the key point, with the eighth generation ECOTEC 2.0T turbocharging, with variable cylinder function, can be intelligently switched in three modes of "four cylinder high performance", "four cylinder economy" and "two cylinder super economy". It not only meets the new emission regulations of GB 6B, but also has small adjustment of power parameters and reduced maximum power. However, the torque output speed range is wider, and it is believed that the acceleration performance is better. Match the 9-speed hand in one, change the key shift. Although it is a unified upgrade behavior of the family, it lacks the taste of sports. Fortunately, the shift paddles are retained, and the face of sports is won back. The official 100 kilometer acceleration still lasts for 7.2 seconds, but the fuel consumption is reduced by nearly 11%, only 6.6l (the old model is 7.4l), the suspension structure of the front MacPherson rear multi link and the CDC active hydraulic damping system, it seems to be a master of both performance and environmental protection. When the i-mmd hybrid full of black technology of GAC Honda Rui hybrid is mentioned, the first thing you think about is the environmental protection label of double engine and hybrid. As a unique technology, it makes the sport hybrid model burst out more black technology flavor. The 10th generation Accord Rui hybrid vehicle is equipped with Honda's third generation i-mmd hybrid system, which is composed of upgraded 2.0L Atkinson engine and dual motor. This 2.0L Atkinson engine achieves 40.6% thermal efficiency without direct injection. The maximum power is 107kw, the maximum torque is 175n · m, the motor is 135kW and 315n · m, and the comprehensive maximum power is 158kw. In terms of driving mode, except for high-speed driving, the engine is only responsible for power supply most of the time. Its power system provides three driving modes: pure electric mode, hybrid driving mode (the engine supplies power to the generator) and direct driving mode. Different from other brands of hybrid system by increasing engine displacement / motor power or capacity, Honda's third-generation i-mmd hybrid system adopts fixed gear ratio connection between various components, which does not need the transmission mechanism to achieve further weight reduction at the same time. The engine can directly drive the vehicle forward, reduce the energy loss of transmission components, and achieve higher fuel efficiency and fuel saving 。 At the same time, the high-power drive motor used in i-mmd system has stronger power output, which makes the power performance of the whole system better, which is also one of the main reasons for the so-called sports system. A piece of cold knowledge: honda is the first vehicle enterprise to use the motor without heavy rare earth magnet on hybrid vehicles. Honda, together with Datong special steel, has developed the motor for hybrid vehicles without heavy rare earth magnet, which gets rid of the bottleneck of heavy rare earth elements, avoids resource risks and realizes the diversification of supply chain. -Maiteng is also a well-known old middle-class car, which is the first one equipped with voice AI intelligent voice of maiteng Volkswagen brand, and it has always been among the best in terms of sales volume and public praise. The mid-term modified model just came into the market at the beginning of the year. As a routine upgrade, the design idea of new overseas Passat, a more hierarchical air intake grille, and a more scientific matrix LED headlamp, make the overall appearance of the modified model more sporty. At the same time, the plug-in hybrid version of GTE is added for the first time, contributing to the environmental protection index of FAW Volkswagen. As the most important part of the rejuvenation, the new maiteng is also the first model of Volkswagen brand equipped with voice AI intelligent voice. With the upgrade to a 9.2-inch capacitive LCD touch screen, you can get navigation information and entertainment experience by saying "Hello, Volkswagen" call out the vehicle. Remote control function is also added to check the car status (windows, locks, trunk, lights...) through mobile app Etc. Now the intelligent voice system, which has been equipped on many independent brands for a long time, is first installed on the Volkswagen family model. It can be seen that it can keep up with the times, starting with the "flagship" identity of maiteng. Beijing Hyundai's ten generation Sonata Yan value has set off a new Korean current more fashionable than brother Kia K5. In 2020, Beijing Hyundai will launch a number of new models intensively, of which the tenth generation Sonata is naturally the top priority. In the future, it will become a new benchmark product of Beijing Hyundai's intermediate cars, competing with mainstream joint ventures such as maiteng, accord, etc. The 10th generation Sonata is based on the modern third generation platform (i-gmp platform), which is upgraded in operation, safety and other aspects. Of course, for us, the most impressive Korean brand is good at high beauty design. The 10th generation Sonata follows the sensitive sports design and is also evolving towards the direction of youth. The first time you see the appearance of Sonata in the 10th generation, you may still be surprised. This change is too big, and even it will take time to accept it. The front part of the new car adopts extremely exaggerated modeling design. The air intake grille has overturned the previous design both in modeling and contour lines. The double front lip looks very textured. According to official data, the drag coefficient of the 10th generation Sonata is only 0.27cd. A chrome plated line is used on the side of the car body to stretch the length of the new car and outline the integrated model. The tail lamp adopts the shape similar to the boomerang, but it is connected from the bottom by the lamp belt, so it has a strong integrity. The tail window that glides down sharply makes people think it's a hatchback. In terms of dimensions, the length, width and height of the new car are 4955 / 1860 / 1445mm, and the wheelbase is 2890mm, which is higher than the current model. In terms of interior decoration, Sonata 10 is basically the same as the overseas version. A 10.5-inch central control screen and a four panel brand-new leather steering wheel highlight the rich sense of luxury. What is worth mentioning most is that the new car has cancelled the solid gear lever design and used the push-button shift. To be honest, the grade has been improved a lot. The support of the new platform also comes from the comprehensive update of power. It will be equipped with a new generation of smartstream power assembly, with 1.5T + 7dct / 2.0T + 8at two versions. Its 2.0T engine index has exceeded the mainstream B-class car accord and Camry, and the product strength has been significantly improved. Summary: it's a very interesting proposition to be younger. It's not to say that the consumer age group is younger, but that the new generation has more different demand changes from the past. The strong rejuvenation of the face value enhances the attractiveness of the design, the interior with a sense of the times, the car interconnection to meet the current needs, the change of the new platform and power system, improves the performance of driving, and even some models are in various aspects All aspects have been upgraded. The performance of intermediate cars is still the embodiment of the strength of a brand. At least these four performances have kept pace with the times.

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