Jianghuai Volkswagen 7 pure electric MPV exposure! Only 300 km

Posted 2020-10-08 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

It has been two years since its establishment. At present, it has a small model of Sihao e20x. According to the plan, Jianghuai Volkswagen Sihao brand will also promote two new models including brand new ones. Recently, the online car market has obtained some information about the class a MPV of Jianghuai Volkswagen. The new car has a body length of 4750 mm and 7 seat layout, but does not adopt the side sliding door design. The urban driving range is only 300 km, and will compete with song Max EV and other models after being put on the market. Affected by the epidemic, the Jianghuai Volkswagen factory, which was originally planned to be put into production in June this year, was postponed to November, which also means that the new class a MPV is most likely to be produced in November. At present, Sihao e2ox is based on the reverse R & D of JAC iev7s, and the new MPV is similar to Ruifeng R3 in terms of wheelbase length and 7 seat MPV positioning. Therefore, the vehicle is expected to be built based on Ruifeng R3. In terms of competitive products, Jianghuai Volkswagen's A-level MPV competitors have paid more attention to BYD song Max EV in the same level of pure electric MPV models, with song Max EV's subsidized price starting from RMB 179800. In terms of body size, Jianghuai Volkswagen A-class MPV is comparable to song Max EV, and the wheelbase is slightly inferior to that of its rivals. In terms of power, the maximum power of permanent magnet synchronous motor used by Jianghuai Volkswagen class a MPV is only 110KW, while the endurance mileage under urban working condition is only 300km (according to e20x, the comprehensive endurance mileage of new class a MPV is expected to be higher than this value). The new car is divided into two modes: fast charging and slow charging. Fast charging takes 1.5 hours, while slow charging takes 11 hours.

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