Kairui shell changing / endurance 301km hedgehog car small hedgehog ev400 exposure

Posted 2022-10-17 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Hedgehog is a subsidiary project of a Xiamen technology company called 35 Internet, which held a press conference in April 2018 and brought its first model to the scene. The new car is named simier, and the model is positioned as small. In fact, people who are familiar with the products on the market can see that the new car is the product of a brand π 3 model after the face change. After the press conference, another major event of hedgehog automobile is cooperation with automobile. The two sides signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement. The hedgehog automobile to be launched in the future will be produced by Kairui automobile. Recently, we obtained a group of application drawings for the first model of hedgehog ev400 from the Ministry of industry and information technology. As can be seen from the figure, its first model has little to do with the previously announced small pure electric SUV. In terms of appearance, the little hedgehog ev400 is a pure electric vehicle built on the basis of the K60 of Kairui automobile. Although some changes have been made in the appearance and the central grid has also been closed, the headlamp shape is completely consistent with the appearance of the K60. There are still a lot of K60 shadows in the rear part of the car as a whole, but there are many different details. First of all, the chrome trim strip running through the two tail lights was cancelled, and a new style of trim strip was added around the license plate area, and the logo of "hedgehog car" was pasted on the rear of the car. In addition, the tail lamp shape and the rear boot cover shape are the same as K60. It's not rigorous to define the ev400 as a Kairui OEM. After all, the model is "changed" from Kairui, which is more close to the standard change production. In the power part, the vehicle is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum power of 80kW and a maximum torque of 90N · m, with a maximum speed of 120km / h. The power battery is made of ternary lithium material, the energy density of the system is 141wh / kg, and the endurance mileage of NEDC under comprehensive working condition is 301 km.

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