Karrui saichi consulting released the report "2019 China automotive product quality performance research"

Posted 2020-08-24 00:02:37 +0000 UTC

On April 20, Kerry saichi consulting officially released the Research Report of 2019 China automotive product quality performance, a major industry research report. According to the introduction, the research project was officially launched in March 2019. During the one-year research process, researchers have always been guided by problems, taking complaints coefficient, negative quality performance and other consumer perception perspectives as the main line, in-depth analysis of the overall quality performance and trend of domestic mainstream automotive products, with the purpose of mining user demand, helping the development and operation of new models of vehicle enterprises High level development of the overall quality system of the industry. Sticking to problem orientation is a process of finding, analyzing and solving problems scientifically. In the field of quality research in the automobile industry at present, the traditional research methods generally have the following shortcomings: low sensitivity of random survey consumers to problems, little in-depth inquiry about the background of quality problems, and lack of process to distinguish the severity of the problems, etc., which have limited substantive reference effect on solving quality problems in the automobile industry. The "China automotive product quality performance research" focuses on the real name customer complaints collected by the vehicle quality network. This kind of users are more sensitive to vehicle quality problems. In the investigation, the staff found that this user group has a relatively high understanding of quality problems. They have their own opinions and Thoughts on the parts, phenomena and even causes of the problems, which can avoid misleading the research results and the judgment of vehicle manufacturers due to the wrong understanding of the problems of ordinary users. However, these characteristics cannot be reflected in the traditional research methods based on the failure number of 100 vehicles, which is also a subversive advantage of the research report released this time. Vehicle quality network is the most influential vehicle product quality information collection platform in China. Various data such as vehicle complaint ranking released by it has always been an important basis for consumers to purchase vehicles. However, due to the different quantity and sales base of different products, any statistics based on absolute quantity is relatively insufficient. The research of automobile product quality performance has a good correction effect on the relevant data. It is understood that the survey covers 18 market segments, 53 brands and 128 models in total, basically covering the main models on sale in the first half of 2019. The data shows that in the most important dimension of quality problems, the investigated users mentioned 339 quality problems in the process of vehicle use. The final performance of each model is presented by the value of "negative quality performance", which is inversely proportional. That is to say, the smaller the negative quality performance value is, the better the final performance of the model will be, and the car will be ranked in the top accordingly. This study successfully investigated more than 20000 car users. In the process of research, researchers focused on representative users, and accurately positioned various quality problems. Aiming at these problems, we dig data from the occurrence mileage, location, supply chain and other dimensions, add inquiry and grade to the complaints of the participants, creatively put forward the concept of "complaint coefficient", and finally present the deep-seated information of the respondents' attitudes to different quality problems. The research results highlight the unique and rich value, which has a strong practicality for the improvement of quality system construction of vehicle enterprises. The "2019 China automotive product quality performance research" released this time shows the following important findings to the industry: the research results show that the following models perform well in the product quality of each market segment in 2019: Based on the above findings and combing the problems existing in each market segment, and further analyzing the typical problems, 2019 China automotive product quality performance research It is suggested that the whole industry improve the quality of automobile products from the following aspects: in another important extension of research results: 2019 China automobile product quality performance research product performance chapter, the research team analyzes the pre-sale attention of users from five dimensions: modeling, practicality, driving, comfort and configuration, starting from 12 projects, and analyzes the use process of consumers The fuel consumption and the endurance satisfaction of new energy vehicles were investigated. Research findings: the head of this survey said that in the past quarter of the first quarter of 2020, affected by the new coronavirus epidemic, the output of China's automobile market fell by about 2.5 million vehicles in the same proportion. With the spread of the epidemic in the world, the impact of market uncertainty on industrial manufacturing in the future is also increasing, and the normal operation of the whole system still needs time. For vehicle enterprises, one of the most important ways out of the dilemma is to study the changes in the future market in order to grasp more product competitiveness. Among them, in the field of automobile consumption, users will inevitably put forward various new requirements and experiences in terms of brand, quality, safety, etc. these changes are not all caused by the epidemic changes. In fact, their potential energy has been brewing, developing and accumulating in 2019, when the market is declining and the industry is structurally surplus. In this process, the current mainstream automotive product word-of-mouth / quality research products in the market do not fit the consumers' real perception of the defects of automotive products in depth, so the manufacturers will not be able to capture and improve. Therefore, the research results released this time will have more important significance for grasping the psychological and behavioral changes of consumers' product quality performance in more than one year. The person in charge also stressed that, in fact, the practice of product quality control of domestic automobile manufacturers mostly follows the problem-oriented principle, and has a strong demand for users' real feelings. During the demonstration process before the launch of this research, many automobile enterprises expressed their desire to see a deep research result that can truly find and solve problems. There is no doubt that as the largest customer complaint information collection platform for automobile product quality in China, the vehicle quality network has irreplaceable advantages in discovering consumer sensitive factors. As a professional organization, karrui saichi consulting takes accurate data as the research object, objectively and scientifically classifies and studies the degree of customer complaints. The final research results show that no matter what the problems are found, the customer complaint information collection platform is the most important one The quality performance of point or model is highly matched with the cognition of most automobile consumers and the consensus of the industry. It is an industry quality research report that can withstand verification and pickiness. Based on the comprehensive study and judgment of the market and industry, carriz consulting has launched the "2020 China automotive product quality performance research". It is understood that the research in 2020 will dynamically update the segmentation market and model library, optimize the quality evaluation dimension, and provide more diversified research methods for enterprises and industries to provide more close to the user's trend product strategy reference.

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