Kia's new logo will be released within this year and will be the first to be used in new energy models

Posted 2022-07-31 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

According to South Korean auto media motorgraph, the car will display its new logo for the first time before the end of this year. Kia Han woo Park, Kia's president and chief executive, said the new logo was similar to the one displayed on the imagine concept car, but looked a little different. In December 2019, Korea intellectual property rights information service announced a trademark application of Kia motor, which shows a new logo. Rumor has it that the company may be the first to use the brand new logo for electric vehicles and models. Kia's new all electric concept car, imagine, made its debut at last year's Geneva auto show. The car was personally operated by Kia's European design center in Frankfurt, and its importance is self-evident. The overall design of the new car will have a strong sense of science and technology, but also full of power. The sliding back shape also makes this concept car show a car shape. It is worth noting that the front part of the concept car has the cool highlights of exaggerated surround headlights, split doors and 21 large screens in the interior. At present, autocar reports that Kia's next model is precisely based on the image concept car released last year, which is positioned to surpass the existing e-niro and seltos EV pure electric vehicles and is expected to be launched in 2021. The brand new logo on the image model uses hard, sharp lines to represent the strokes of each letter. The top half of the letter K is connected to the top half of the letter I, while the bottom half of the letter I is connected to the bottom half of the stylized letter A. In contrast, the existing emblem simply has a serif at the top of each letter. Luc donkerwolke, Kia's design director, has said that the mass production version of the image model is under development and that it will look similar to the concept car, but don't expect 21 independent HD screens in the interior. More recent rumors have suggested that the car may be a performance centered crossover. Kia's goal is to build an 800 volt system with a 500 kilometer range and a 350 kilowatt DC fast charger that charges 20% to 80% in 20 minutes.

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