Less than 100000 yuan want to buy electric cars, in addition to BYD have other options?

Posted 2022-08-07 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

It's not flattering that the car's shape is average, the interior is cheap, and the configuration basically has no endurance mileage. This is an overview of new energy models with a price of less than 100000 yuan a few years ago. But now, with the progress of technology and the intensification of competition, less than 100000 yuan has been able to buy a good new energy model in all aspects. As for how to choose, I'm sure you will take the model as your first choice. Indeed, BYD's ability in the field of new energy is extraordinary. So what kind of BYD can you buy at such a low price? BYD E2 provides 5 models for consumers to choose. They are 305km and 405km. The official guide price is 898-144800 yuan. Our main character today is Yueyue standard model with the lowest matching standard. The price is 89800 yuan. There are still 2000 yuan discounts in Beijing. As can be seen from the above figure, even the low configuration models are outstanding in terms of configuration. Looking at the 100000 yuan level of new energy vehicles, I believe that the beauty of BYD E2 can definitely be called the top two. The E2 adopts the latest design of "crystal energy" and integrates more cross-border vehicle elements. The details are more positive. The whole series is equipped with standard LED headlamp set, which is hard to find in the same price model. But it also has shortcomings, the overall size of the car body is too small, there is a sense of dislocation competition. By design alone, E2 is not brilliant. As a whole, it adopts the design language of BYD family, with simplicity as the main tone. However, compared with other models of the same level, the advantage is not small. A series of popular configurations of domestic consumers, such as full liquid crystal instrument, 8-inch central control screen, online navigation, driving mode switching, knob type electronic handle, are standard on E2. However, there is a slight lack of security configuration, but the comprehensive price can also be understood. In recent years, BYD has made continuous breakthroughs in endurance mileage, and Sanye technology is the industry leader. The protagonist of this article is also a good evidence. Although the 305km endurance of low configuration model has no great advantage, it is absolutely competent for daily commuting. If you want to have a model with a longer range, it can also be provided, but you need to pay 20000 yuan more for it. As a more entry-level model of BYD, the performance of E2 in a large number of vehicles has a trend of overstepping, compared with the same price model, it has a leading position. On the one hand, the price is close to the people, and the focus is on the endurance mileage and three electric system that consumers are most concerned about new energy models. BYD E2 is much ahead of the competitors in these aspects. So consumers who want to buy new energy models but have a limited budget may want to consider BYD E2.

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