Mazda, not only rotor engine, announces new hybrid four-wheel drive technology patent

Posted 2020-04-30 09:16:30 +0000 UTC

Recently, Netcom learned from foreign media that Mazda has published a new technology patent in Japan, which is a set of four-wheel drive system. In the future, this new power system may be the first to be applied to Mazda mx-30. According to reports, this hybrid four-wheel drive power system consists of rotor, front hub motor, drive motor and power battery. Among them, the drive motor provides power for the rear wheel, and the front wheel hub motor only provides power for the front wheel when necessary, thus forming a set of hybrid four-wheel drive system. According to the previous news, Mazda plans to launch the mx-30 extended range version in the future, which is powered by a rotor engine. Recently, Mazda announced a new hybrid four-wheel drive technology patent, which further confirmed the authenticity of this news. Mazda's new hybrid four-wheel drive system patent map according to the technical patents published by Mazda, this hybrid four-wheel drive system consists of engine unit (rotor or conventional engine), front hub motor, drive motor and power battery. This system has the advantages of light weight, simple structure and so on, so it is conducive to improve the handling performance of the vehicle. The patent drawing of Mazda's front hub motor system is based on the structure of the conventional car drive motor, and the new power system includes the engine, the front hub motor and the capacitor. Among them, the distance between the capacitor and the front hub motor is short, so the wire and weight are saved. In the actual work of Mazda mx-30, the system will drive the wheels in the state of driving motor or hybrid driving under low load conditions such as starting and low-speed driving, while the front hub motor will only intervene under high load conditions, so as to realize hybrid four-wheel drive. It is reported that the new hybrid four-wheel drive system will be compatible with various schemes including rotor engine, in-line four cylinder engine, etc. Among them, the rotor engine is very suitable for use as a power unit because of its small size, light weight and stable power output. In the future, Mazda's rotor engine may return in the process of electrification transformation. We will also keep an eye on Mazda's new hybrid four-wheel drive system and mass production models.

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