Mercedes AMG one will release the hybrid system in 2020

Posted 2020-11-27 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

As the technical flagship of the road car, mercedes-amg one will be officially released by the end of 2020. Six time world champion Louis Hamilton has taken the lead in experiencing the road super run closest to formula one. It is reported that the new car will be assembled in the mercedes-amg high-performance powertrain plant in Brixworth, UK, with a starting price of 2.4 million pounds (about 20.932 million yuan), and competitors will target laferrari and Aston Martin Valkyrie, which will be launched soon. The mercedes-amg one is equipped with a 1.6L turbocharged V6 and 4 motors, with a maximum output of 986 horsepower. The V6 engine has won six consecutive driver and F1 titles for Mercedes since 2014. On the Mercedes AMG one, the red line speed is 11000rpm, which is lower than the speed of the car (the upper limit is 150000rpm, but in fact, it rarely exceeds 13000rpm). One of the motors is part of the electronic turbocharger, which aims to reduce the turbocharging lag. The other motor is connected to the crankcase to absorb the extra energy from the turbocharging system and increase the extra power output of 161 horsepower for the 1.6-litre engine. The other two 161 horsepower motors drive the front wheels, making the mercedes-amg one four-wheel drive. With the front axle motor, mercedes-amg one can recover up to 80% of the braking energy under normal driving conditions in case of emergency. At the same time, each wheel can achieve independent acceleration and braking, which means that the motor can be used as a torque vector system. The rear wheels are driven by the new 8-speed automatic transmission, and the shift paddles on the steering wheel can complete the shift operation. The four motors, powered by a series of lithium-ion packs mounted on the rear chassis of the front axle, are exactly the same type and layout as Mercedes F1. However, the Mercedes AMG one battery pack is more powerful, with a pure electric range of 25 kilometers. Mercedes Benz official said that the top speed of the new car is more than 350 km / h, and the acceleration speed of 0-200 km / h is less than 6 seconds. Although not announced, the 0-100kph acceleration time may be less than 3 seconds. In addition to providing driving mode, Mercedes AMG one also has a highly dynamic mode, which is basically consistent with the settings used for Formula One cars in qualifying. Driving mode will automatically switch between the internal combustion engine and the motor to achieve the best performance. In addition, Mercedes AMG one's internal combustion engine maintenance cycle has been greatly shortened, exceeding the F1 quarter of the season. At present, the exposed test car is not a mass production version, including the design of the exposed engine hood air intake and the four-way exhaust tailpipe. However, most of the super body design will appear on the mass production version intact, including the scissor door and the huge rear wing. From the front, there are a large number of air intakes under the mercedes-amg one front apron and windshield, and a pair of flat tear eye LED headlights adopt the sinking design, which is integrated with the engine hood. The exposed carbon fibre aerodynamic flap is fixed to the side of the body, while the air intake at the top provides air for the internal combustion engine. Turning to the tail, the F1 rear stationary wing is located above the engine compartment, separating the tail into two parts. The huge rear lip and the retractable rear wing are enough to provide the required downforce. In addition, the extended front throat and the movable flaps above the front wheels also use the active aerodynamic system, while the body itself is a carbon fiber monocoque. The interior of the Mercedes AMG one is also simple, officially known as a two seat formula one car, but with more user-friendly seats, finishes and controls, including a pair of bucket seats with adjustable backrest height support and an F1 inspired square steering wheel. At the same time, there are two 10 inch displays on the carbon strip dashboard, one behind the steering wheel and the other on the center console. The third display is connected to the camera on the rear bumper as a rear-view mirror. In terms of chassis, mercedes-amg one is equipped with push rod spring type adjustable twist tooth damper suspension, carbon ceramic brake and traction control system. The latter has three adjustment modes, full open, full close and motion control mode. For more information about Mercedes AMG one, please follow Sina's follow-up report.

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