Modern festa pure electric will come into the market, with a continuous voyage of 490km, or 160000 starts

Posted 2022-12-26 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

In 2019, Beijing Hyundai launched two new energy models, leading PHEV and Ensino ev. Now, another heavy-duty new car of Beijing Hyundai in the new energy market will be officially launched on February 18 this year. The new car was unveiled last year. With more product information exposed, it is necessary for PAIKE to analyze its products, guess its price and look forward to the market. As shown in the figure above, the overall appearance and shape of festa's pure electric fuel version are basically the same as that of its fuel version, but the details of the new car have been adjusted. For example, the big mouth air intake grille with high identification of the fuel version has been changed into a closed design on the pure electric version. With the narrow and long front headlamp groups on both sides, the pure electric fista looks more radical and sci-fi than the fuel version. In addition, festa pure electric will charge the interface installed in the front of the air intake grille. The side shape of the pure electric version of fista still continues the design of the sliding back type of the fuel version, and its wheel hub shape has also been redesigned; the new through type tail light group with chrome trim strip looks very dynamic. In addition, the difference between the rear part and the fuel version is that the exhaust port is cancelled and the air guide is added on both sides. In terms of size, the length, width and height of festa pure electric vehicle are 4705 / 1790 / 1435mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2700mm, in which the width and wheelbase remain unchanged, and the length and height are increased compared with the fuel version. Before Guangzhou auto show, PAIKE also entered the pure electric vehicle model of festa for actual riding experience. Its rear floor is almost flat, and its head space is better than its fuel version. As for the pure electric interior of fista fuel, we can see that the design style of fista fuel is basically the same as that of fista fuel. Only the details have been adjusted. The new car is equipped with electronic key type gear, and the key area under the central air outlet is optimized, which is more convenient for the driver to control. In addition, the new car also integrates blue elements into the interior details to show its new energy identity. The control screen adopts the suspended design, and has built-in navigation, Bluetooth phone, Internet of vehicles and voice control functions. In terms of configuration, according to the information declared by the Ministry of industry and information technology before, the new car will be provided with the configuration of front radar, LED headlight, led rear-view combination lamp, a variety of exterior rear-view mirror styles, large-size skylight, all black roof, etc. according to different models after being put on the market. In terms of power, the power system of festa pure electric and permanent magnet synchronous motor in mainland China has a maximum output power of 135kW and a maximum torque of 310n ยท M. On the one hand, festa pure electric battery is matched with ternary lithium power battery pack, with energy density of 141.4wh/kg and NEDC endurance mileage of 490km. First of all, from the enterprise level: according to the data released by J.D.Power in 2019, Beijing Hyundai ranked third, first and second in terms of IQs of new car quality, SSI of sales satisfaction and CSI of after-sales service satisfaction. The good brand image of Beijing Hyundai has created a good market environment for its series of models. Returning to festa, this sports car has won the favor of the majority of young consumers with its dynamic appearance and excellent power performance since it was launched in October 2018. Its monthly average sales volume is close to 10000 units, which creates a better market environment for festa to launch pure electric version. In recent years, Beijing Hyundai has also taken frequent actions in the field of new energy: in August 2017, the new Elantra EV was listed; in August 2018, the ninth generation Sonata hybrid version was listed; in August 2019, the leading plug-in hybrid was listed; on November 4, the onsino pure electric was listed; in February 2020, the fista pure electric will be listed. What's more, it should be noted that the automobile has completed the whole layout of power system in four new energy fields, including, pure electric, (HEV) and so on. In terms of products, the competitors that fista pure electric (Comprehensive endurance of 490km) will face are mainly Xuanyi pure electric (Comprehensive endurance of 338km), Langyi pure electric (Comprehensive endurance of 278km) and micro blue (Comprehensive endurance of 410km). From the perspective of endurance value, fista pure electric is in the leading position in the same level of models. However, the driving experience and endurance performance can only be verified after the test drive. At present, Beijing Hyundai has set up fuel and pure electric models on this small SUV. We predict that the price of pure electric of fista can start from the price of pure electric / fuel version of onsino and the price of fista fuel version. The range of selling price of onsino fuel oil version is 129900-159900; the range of selling price of onsino pure electric version is 172800-18800; the range of selling price of fistar fuel oil version is 119800-154800; the difference between the starting price of onsino fuel oil version and pure electric version and the price range of top matching version is 42900; therefore, it can be roughly estimated that the range of selling price of fistar pure electric version is 162700-197700. The pricing of festa pure electricity may also be deduced horizontally according to the above main joint ventures and competitive products, as well as the prices of geometry a, GAC aion s and other independent brands. Here, PAIKE will not elaborate. More product information, shopping guide content and test drive experience of festa pure electric will be shared with you when it goes on the market and later by PAIKE.

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