New electric SUV inadvertently exposed that Sony didn't build a car and was "slapped"

Posted 2020-09-17 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

At the CES International Consumer Electronics Show in January 2020, Sony released the vision-s concept car without warning. Although Sony officials later made it clear that it would not become a car manufacturer, but was committed to becoming a catalyst for changes in the automotive industry. But the car has been frequently tested around the world recently, and even in a recent video of the test drive, Sony "inadvertently" revealed a car of the same style behind it. Subsequently, according to this picture, some foreign media drew an imaginary picture of this vision-s crossover car. From the picture, it can be seen that it well restores the design of spy photos, including the closed middle net, the through LED headlight and the hidden door handle, which completely copies the design of vision-s concept car. In order to depict the heaviness of cross-border vehicles compared with cars, this group of hypothetical figures distinguish by chassis height and front bumper line. Its body height is obviously higher than vision-s, and the chassis height is higher, so as to make it look more like cross-border SUVs. According to Sony's previous information, the vision-s concept car is equipped with 33 sensors of various types, including cameras, ultrasonic sensors, millimeter wave radar and solid-state laser radar. Although this cross-border model has not been officially released, it will not be much different in terms of technology. In terms of power, vision-s concept car is driven by double motors, with the maximum power of 268 HP, driving time of 100 km of 4.8 seconds and maximum speed of 240 km / h. Although Sony's vision-s and vision-s crossover cars are not the epoch-making pioneers of electric vehicles, their release has always stirred people's hearts.

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