New natural flax fiber environmental protection interior for future model released by Jixing automobile

Posted 2022-12-23 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Recently, Jixing automobile officially released a new innovative environmental interior. Through the innovative application of high-tech natural materials and recyclable materials, it can realize lightweight, reduce the use of plastics and reduce the waste of materials. Jixing's innovative environmental interior will be applied to its future mass production vehicles. "For Polaris, environmental protection is more than pure electric drive," said Thomas ingenlath, CEO of Polaris. We integrate innovative materials and technology solutions into new environmentally friendly interiors and apply them to our future mass production models. " It is reported that Polaris will use the powerribstm and amplitextm high-tech materials developed by bcomp in its future products. They are woven from natural flax fiber and made into interior panels, which are lighter and stronger. They not only realize vehicle lightweight, but also improve safety performance. The use of flax fiber composite material has more extensive environmental sustainable development significance. Different from many other biological materials, flax is a crop planted in winter rotation, which will not directly affect food production. Bcomp natural flax fiber composite seat back panel bcomp natural flax fiber can reduce the plastic use of traditional interior panel by 80%, and it is lighter and stronger than plastic, and it can reduce the weight of traditional interior trim by up to 50%. The world's first 3D flying line car seat 3D knit seamless knitting technology is well-known in the fashion circle and high-end sports shoes industry, and it is the first time for Polaris to apply it to car seats. 3D flying thread seamless knitting and forming technology, through 3D stereo cutting, can be one-time stereo knitting and forming into seat fabric, no seam in the middle, customized according to the size in the production process, no waste of leftover materials. The fiber of Jixing 3D flying line car seat comes from 100% recyclable PET polyester resin plastic bottle, which can continuously run through every link from material selection to production. In addition, Jixing automobile also integrates red wine cork and fishing net into the automobile interior. From cork waste generated in the manufacture of red wine corks to the whole cork can be integrated into PVC interior parts. The discarded fishing net can also be recycled, from which nylon 6 fiber is extracted and woven into the carpet inside the car. Jixing cooperates with an international fishing net collection alliance to take it for fishing and use it for the people. It runs through the life cycle of the two products, recycling and infinite regeneration. From Jixing 2's "pure environmentalism" interior to today's innovative environmental interior solutions, Jixing step by step strengthens its brand commitment of sustainable concept. The concept of sustainability is of great significance to Polaris. It will connect all aspects related to Polaris products, including production and manufacturing. The Chengdu production base of Polaris has obtained LEED gold certification of green building evaluation system.

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