Original experience of Toyota pure electric SUV GAC Toyota c-hr ev

Posted 2020-08-24 00:02:37 +0000 UTC

Once mentioned, I believe that many friends will first think of national brand car enterprises or new forces in car building. After all, they all play an important role in the current domestic sales list of new energy vehicles. However, will the major joint venture brands give up the "cake"? Among them, with 23 years of experience in the key electrification market, after the technology has passed the time test and the safety has been guaranteed, it will bring an original Japanese system to the Chinese market, which is GAC Toyota c-hr ev. Although c-hr EV is a rookie in the field of pure electric SUV, Toyota EV system has passed the test of time in terms of stability and durability. It has the leading advantages of low energy consumption, small weight and durability in PCU electronic control unit, motor and battery three key EV technologies. Therefore, c-hr The PCU electronic control unit of EV can play the role of efficient motor performance and high endurance through more precise control. In terms of battery safety, the c-hr EV battery pack has multiple impact protection designs, such as setting the high-voltage circuit in the center, using the air-cooled pipe space on both sides as the impact buffer zone, and an integrated anti-collision structure with the body frame to improve the impact protection performance; c-hr The EV battery pack is designed as a closed structure to achieve the purpose of waterproof and dustproof, and the anti rust performance is improved by coating twice the thickness at the bottom of the battery pack. Through the optimization of battery material and packaging structure, and the control of the recovery power charging area generated by frequent braking in the aging area of the battery, GAC Toyota makes the battery capacity retention rate of c-hr ev more than 80% after 10 years. In addition, c-hr EV uses cooling system and heating system to guarantee the charging and discharging performance of battery. When encountering high temperature environment or the battery temperature caused by high-speed driving and repeated rapid charging, it uses cooling medium to realize the balanced and efficient cooling of battery and ensure the stable operation of dynamic battery pack. When encountering low temperature environment, it uses the charging under each battery unit The thermal device can heat up the battery in a short time, shorten the time required for charging in a low temperature environment, and guarantee the battery endurance. The c-hr EV follows the overall design of the fuel version. Through the adjustment of the details, the wings on both sides of the front face are increased, the skirt on the side body sinks, and the tail wing is increased. It is equipped with 17 inch aluminum alloy pneumatic eddy current cutting hub. It not only makes the new car have exclusive features, but also can effectively reduce the wind resistance coefficient and improve the aerodynamic performance. In order to provide consumers with more personalized and diversified choices, c-hr EV has added fluorspar blue on the basis of the original pearl white, crystal black, coral red, Jasper blue, Opal Silver, pearl white black and coral red black in the fuel version, highlighting EV's quality. Although c-hr EV has not much novelty in interior layout, it shows a high-level sense in decoration and functional configuration. In particular, the Toyota smart line interconnection system and the latest generation of Toyota safety sense smart line safety make the c-hr EV have a more human performance, and cooperate with the driver's seat cortex to adjust the 10-way electric seat and nano e Gamma The comfortable configuration of nano water ion generator and PM2.5 air conditioning filter can provide better driving experience for drivers and passengers. C-hr EV is undoubtedly the pioneering work for GAC Toyota to officially enter the new energy field. Relying on the rich experience accumulated by Toyota brand in electrification for 23 years, the new car has a good guarantee in motor performance and battery safety. At the same time, the continuation of the high configuration level of fuel version models greatly improves the value of the whole vehicle. If there is a people-friendly pricing, I believe that c-hr EV has a significant competitiveness in the field of joint venture pure electric SUV.

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