Tesla AP assisted driving almost had an accident? Owner: it's my life!

Posted 2022-10-13 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Science fiction's avant-garde features attract many consumers. Autopilot auto assisted driving is one of the biggest selling points. This feature has attracted much attention since it was released and loaded. Some users think it is very safe and convenient, while others have experienced such a thrilling scene. On February 16, a model 3 owner revealed on the Internet that he almost had a car accident after turning on the AP function at high speed. According to the owner, he drove to the Dayan section of Ningbo Yuyao in G92 (Hangzhou Bay Area Ring Expressway), "driving AP on the expressway almost caused an accident. The system does not automatically slow down or avoid, "said the owner's note. According to the driving record video, at that time, the owner drove in the leftmost lane, and a rollover accident vehicle appeared in front of him under normal driving, which occupied nearly 1 / 3 lane. When there is still a certain distance from the accident vehicle, the owner does not seem to see the unexpected situation in front, and continues to drive at high speed. When the distance is getting closer and closer, the car owner suddenly turns the steering wheel by a large margin and takes an emergency lane change to avoid a rear end collision. The video clearly recorded such a breathtaking scene. The owner complained that the AP was on at that time, but the system did not automatically slow down or avoid. He added, "it's my life.". At present, all Tesla vehicles are equipped with the hardware required for automatic driving assistance, and all vehicles are equipped with the basic driving assistance function as standard. According to the official publicity, the function can automatically assist other vehicles and pedestrians to turn, accelerate and brake in the driving lane after being started, while the front-end radar can detect the obstacles in a long distance ahead, up to 160m. From the experience of the above car owners, if the AP is turned on, Tesla should be able to detect the obstacles in front and implement emergency braking or other operations. Industry insiders believe that "AP assisted driving, if this situation is not artificially involved, it will definitely hit!! So try not to take the innermost or outermost lane when assisting driving, because these two lanes are very likely to park... ". Some netizens also reminded that they hoped that car owners would not play with mobile phones or sleep at the high speed of AP, and the bottom line of safety was not to leave the road. Even when the AP auxiliary driving function is turned on, the driver still needs to control the steering wheel with both hands, pay attention to the road conditions at all times, and be ready to intervene in emergencies at any time. Tesla also reminded on its official website that currently available functions require active monitoring by drivers, and that the vehicle has not yet been fully self driving. There are still accidents under autopilot, and NTSB has begun to investigate. According to the information released by the National Transportation Safety Commission, in March 2018, Huang Weilun, an apple engineer, drove his car into the ramp barrier when the autopilot was started, resulting in a fire and death. Last May, Huang's family took Tesla to court. The preliminary investigation report of the National Transportation Safety Commission found that the car accelerated before hitting a road block, and Huang Weilun did not put his hand on the steering wheel six seconds before the accident. A hearing on the accident will be held on February 25, when the National Transportation Safety Commission will determine the cause of Huang's crash and make safety recommendations. Another incident investigated was the death of Jeremy beren banner, 50, who drove the model 3 at 68 miles (109 kilometers) an hour on a tractor trailer in March 2019. At that time, he was using Tesla's autopilot advanced driving assistance system. Investigators found that about 10 seconds before the accident, banner started the autopilot system. In a preliminary report, the U.S. National Transportation Safety Commission said that less than eight seconds before the accident, his hand was not detected on the steering wheel, which may prompt the car's automatic system to issue a warning. Tesla, however, remains convinced that assisted driving has a significant effect on safe driving. "Every 4 million miles there is an accident, every 500000 miles for human drivers," said Robin derholm, chairman of Tesla's board of directors. "Experiments show that autonomous driving is safer than human driving, but the current technology has not fully realized all autonomous driving." To sum up, assisted driving is assisted driving after all. The driver should not rely on the vehicle's assisted driving function excessively and be responsible for himself, passengers and other traffic participants. After all, at present, it has not been fully automated driving.

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