Tesla Germany plant will continue to be built with the approval of the court

Posted 2022-08-18 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Recently, the world's fourth super factory was finally able to continue to be built. According to foreign media, Tesla's German super plant, which stopped deforestation due to a court ban, has been allowed to continue construction and the application of environmental protection organizations has been rejected by the court. Tesla's German super factory is located in glenhead, Brandenburg, a suburb of Berlin. It is Tesla's first super factory in Europe and the fourth super factory in the world after Shanghai. Tesla plans to invest 4 billion euros (30.3 billion yuan) in the German super factory and create at least 12000 local jobs. Tesla began deforestation work for the construction of the plant on February 13, but because of protests and appeals from local environmental organizations, Tesla was finally stopped by the court four days after the start of construction. But on February 20 local time, the court rejected an urgent application from environmental groups to allow Tesla to continue to cut the forest on the site of the plant. At the same time, the ruling is the final decision on the issue of forests on the site of Tesla's deforestation plant, which the court has made clear in a statement. It is reported that Tesla Germany plant plans to use it for production, power system and whole vehicle. The whole vehicle starts from model y (parameter | inquiry). In the first stage, it plans to produce 10000 model y per week. In the later stage, in addition to increasing the production capacity of model y, it will also increase the production of model 3. In addition, the first mock exam in Shanghai is that the factory in the city has only been used for ten months from start to construction. It is reported that Tesla construction is fast, from the start to the court issued a ban only in the past four days, but construction workers have cut down the equivalent of 130 football fields of forest. According to the plan of Elon ยท the founder of Tesla, the "radical" project schedule is that it takes less than 18 months from the commencement of construction to the production of the plant, and it is planned to be officially put into production before July 2021. Meanwhile, the annual production capacity of the German plant is planned to be 150000 in the initial stage and 500000 in the long term.

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