Tesla considers adding baby mode function to further reduce the trouble of car ringing

Posted 2020-11-24 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Following the addition of Joe mode in the V10 update in autumn 2019, a new function, baby mode, is likely to be added to the software update in the future, which can make the interior environment more quiet. Elon Musk, Tesla's chief executive, recently confirmed on twitter that Tesla is considering adding baby mode to its existing Joe mode. Baby mode aims to further reduce the ringing tone in the car, because many people have complained before that Joe mode is not enough for parents to travel with their children. Therefore, baby mode will further expand the volume adjustment controls to deal with loud ringing tones that may sometimes wake up babies or light sleepers. But for now, it's not certain that Tesla will add baby mode. Musk just said that Tesla is "considering this" and may finally give up the idea. In fact, Joe mode has been able to make infants or passengers rest free from interruption. In July 2019, musk confirmed for the first time that the purpose of this function is to "reduce the volume of harsh beeps and ringing tones by half." The subsequent documentation of the earlier access software update confirmed that Joe mode did automatically control the in car ringing tone: "enabling Joe mode can reduce the in car ringing tone. The lower tone can still remind the driver effectively, while minimizing the interference to passengers (such as children). To enable job mode, tap control > Security > job mode. " Joe mode eventually went live as part of the V10 update, but many people still complain that the volume control is not enough for those traveling with their children. It remains to be seen whether Tesla Motors will provide baby mode. Considering that there is no obvious difference between baby mode and Joe mode in function, it is likely to only provide adjustment settings of Joe mode to make it applicable to most application scenarios. For more information about Tesla's software functions, please follow Sina's follow-up reports.

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