Tesla is developing a new electromagnetic wiper with futuristic style

Posted 2020-04-30 09:16:30 +0000 UTC

Arguably the world's most technologically advanced carmaker, it has not slowed down its innovation in electric power systems and software. According to a new patent application, the automaker even applied its innovative technology to windshield wipers, adopting a new electromagnetic wiper design with a futuristic style. The goal of the new wipers is to find a better balance between hiding them when they are not in use, which has become a new standard for luxury cars and is efficient when you need to use them. In a new patent application, Tesla describes the current wiper problem: advances in windshield cleaning systems and ergonomic vehicle design have led to increased demand for windshield wiper systems that are not only visually appealing, but also effective in cleaning the windshield of a vehicle. In some cases, the driver or on-board camera (for example, in the case of auxiliary and) requires an unobstructed view of the path forward from the inside of the vehicle. A conventional windshield wiper system with multiple wipers usually has a cluttered design and does not adequately clear the windshield, which may hinder unobstructed vision of the path ahead. Tesla also describes problems with traditional wiper systems, which have many mechanical components that can wear out quickly due to the repetitive movements that wipers must perform. Electric vehicle manufacturers even say that the traditional wiper system is not energy-saving, because this kind of sliding of mechanical parts produces significant friction, which leads to the need for additional power provided by the vehicle, which reduces the driving mileage of the vehicle. Finally, Tesla said it could be difficult to design a dual wiper system that cleans the windshield properly and has more complex curvature. Tesla's design will change to use a single blade that matches the windshield and moves along the electromagnetic system under the hood. In a new patent application, the automobile manufacturer described its new wiper system: the electromagnetic wiper system can also include a linear actuator, which can include a guide rail and an electromagnetic moving block. The guide rail may include a plurality of permanent magnet rods which may be arranged horizontally along the curvature of the vehicle windshield. The electromagnetic moving block can be used as an electromagnetic string, and can include a plurality of perforations and at least one electromagnetic coil around a plurality of perforations in the electromagnetic moving block. The electromagnetic wiper system can also include a control circuit, which controls the linear movement of the electromagnetic moving block through a plurality of permanent magnet rods. The linear movement of the electromagnetic moving block through a plurality of permanent magnet rods can be controlled so that the wiper arm which can be connected to the electromagnetic moving block can rotate back and forth on the whole length of the windshield to wipe the limited area, for example, the whole transparent area (i.e., several percent area) of the windshield. A plurality of permanent magnet rods can pass through a plurality of perforations surrounded by an electromagnetic coil in the electromagnetic moving block. This produces minimal friction during linear motion of the electromagnetic moving block. We hope Tesla can bring this system into the mass production model, and it will take a certain time to wait.

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