The first Ford pure electric SUV Mustang mach-e has been put out of production

Posted 2022-08-16 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

According to insideevs, its first new Mustang mach-e is in pre production, and its first car has been put off the assembly line in Mexico. The offline Mustang mach-e is different from the early prototype, more like a model to be put on sale. However, Ford said full production would not begin until the fall of 2020. As a result, Mustang mach-e will soon enter the full acceleration phase, or start using the offline vehicle test tools, stamping, assembly and process. In any case, this car is probably the most complex car we've seen so far. Ford is betting heavily on electric vehicles, launching Mustang mach-e crossover, directly for model y. According to Ford's published parameters, Mustang mach-e with long endurance and full drive can output 332 horsepower and 565 nm peak torque, while the acceleration time of standard full drive mach-e with 0-96 km / h is faster than that of basic Macan. Two high-performance special versions of mach-e-gt can achieve 0-96 km / h acceleration in 4 seconds. The GT high-performance version goes further, achieving the same acceleration in about 3.5 seconds. Both GT versions produce a maximum power of 342kw (459hp) and a peak torque of 830nm. Mustang mach-e is expected to deliver in the North American and European markets before the end of 2020 or early 2021. The first delivery of the first limited edition will be based on the long endurance all drive version, with red brake calipers, metal pedals, contrasting seat stitches and a welcome pedal marked "first edition". The high-performance special version of mach-e GT will be delivered to users in the European and American markets from the spring of 2021. The model will be introduced into China in 2021 and will provide customized products and services according to the needs of Chinese consumers. On February 8, Darren Palmer, Ford's global project director for pure electric vehicles, revealed that the related vehicle engineering of Mustang mach-e was "close to completion", and said that 80% of Mustang mach-e subscribers had booked long-term versions, up to 300 miles. Of course, the lower priced standard version will have a range of 210 to 270 miles.

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