The right way to open high-quality travel? Allison sharp hybrid

Posted 2020-04-30 09:16:30 +0000 UTC

For Chinese families who pay attention to family concept, family car use is a common phenomenon. However, due to the introduction of license restriction policies in many cities, it is difficult for many people how a car can meet the needs of family owners. Seven seats are enough in terms of passenger capacity, but most of the seven SUVs in the third row are very weak, and the space in the rear compartment is obviously insufficient when the seats are full. In this case, it has become the first choice of many families. MPV needs to be mixed. Of course, MPV here refers to the middle and high-end MPV with comfort as its feature. The middle and high-end MPV first entered the Chinese market to position itself as a commercial vehicle, and the representative model is GL8. The main reason is that MPV models are generally large, which will bring more space for riding and storage, but fuel economy has become an insurmountable problem. Nowadays, the increasing demand of MPV automobile consumers for home use forces the functionality of mid - and high-end MPV to move closer to home use. It is necessary to solve the problem of fuel economy. However, due to the high requirements of MPV for space and comfort, electric drive will inevitably occupy too much space because of its volume, so hybrid drive is the best solution to solve the fuel economy of MPV at present. In September last year, Dongfeng Honda officially launched elisenry hybrid, accelerating the pace of MPV entering the hybrid era again. The third generation i-mmd system of Honda is equipped by elisenry hybrid. This system is composed of 2.0L Atkinson cycle, the maximum power is 107 kW, the maximum torque is 175 n · m, and the thermal efficiency is up to 40.6%; the torque of matching E-CVT drive motor is up to 315nm, which brings light start and strong acceleration performance. The integrated maximum power of the whole system can reach 158kw. The fuel consumption of 100km is 5.9l, and the range of a full tank of fuel can exceed 900km. In fact, this system is not new. Previously, Dongfeng Honda's hybrid insert and hybrid CR-V used this system. I-MMD The hybrid system uses the motor as the main force. When the motor is started, the torque reaches the maximum torque of 315n · m in an instant, and the acceleration is strong and powerful. The design of multi parallel shaft transmission mechanism makes the mechanical and electrical energy precisely cooperate, and there is no gear switching, so the smoothness is comparable to CVT gearbox. Through cutting off the mechanical connection, tracking the best BSFC curve, timely engine shutdown and high efficiency of the electrical system Intelligent energy management strategy can further improve fuel economy; based on simpler structure design, durability can also be guaranteed. In the evaluation report of Dongfeng Honda i-mmd hybrid system issued by Beijing University of technology in August last year, it is believed that the i-mmd hybrid system is at the leading level in the world, with four advantages of faster, smoother, farther and more reliable, and is the world-class hybrid technology. As the owner of Allison sharp hybrid, my friend Xiao Hu obviously has more say on the benefits of hybrid MPV. A few years ago, Xiaohu finally won the Beijing brand index. Looking at his wife's bulging belly, Xiaohu resolutely gave up the idea of his performance car and chose an MPV as a home choice. On the one hand, Xiao Hu, who loves to drive and swim, has a greater demand for car space due to the baby's coming into being. On the other hand, he needs to use his car to face occasional business needs in the workplace. But then came the problem. Before Xiaohu, the fuel consumption of the MPV was not low, which made him have a headache. The wide body also made Xiaohu feel very difficult to park Until last year, he replaced Alison Reich. In terms of fuel economy, the third generation i-mmd hybrid system of alishanrui hybrid makes Xiaohu very satisfied, which can save more than half of the previous MPV. In addition, the addition of hybrid system also reduces the noise in the driving process, and children can sleep more comfortably in the car. Most importantly, because the i-mmd hybrid system is driven by electric motor at low speed, it makes Xiaohu also realized the pleasure of acceleration when driving MPV. In addition, the high beauty value of alishanrui hundong also made Xiaohu's family full of praise. Upgrade the stylish appearance, make the quality of the whole vehicle a new look, LED automatic headlights also escort the night trip, 18 inch aluminum alloy wheel hub, make the whole vehicle more dynamic. One of the reasons why Xiao Hu couldn't let go of it was the flexible and changeable space of alishanrui. "2 + 2 + 3" seat layout, 8-way electric adjustable front driver seat and 4-way manual adjustable front passenger seat; the second row of all-round first-class independent seats are delicate and soft, with shoulder adjustment, seat heating and other functions, and the comfort is comparable to the first-class aircraft cabin, and can also be adjusted in front, back, left and right directions; the third row of seats can be placed in a ratio of 4:2:4, giving flexible and variable space combination, improving vehicle practicability. Outstanding is not only a high-quality MPV with status, style and demeanor, but also Xiaohu talks about the advantages of alishengrui. In addition to household use, alishengrui has helped Xiaohu a lot in the workplace. "Once I went out to meet with the leaders. After dinner, I had to send important customers back to the hotel. Once the magic induction door was opened, there was no more face." As Honda's first real "magic sense door" model in China, Allison sharp hybrid can open and close the electric side sliding door by hand gesture. With the electrostatic sensor built in the sliding door, users with smart car keys can sense the user's gesture. After entering the vehicle's intelligent identification area, they do not need to touch the door switch. Only under the guidance of LED beam, they can control the car by gently waving the gesture The opening and closing of the door. What's more, Alessandro mixed action has achieved the standard matching of magic sense. Not only that, the "safety super sense" system of Honda sensing, which is equipped by alishanrui hybrid, also helps Xiaohu. This system integrates ACC active cruise control system (with LSF low-speed follow function), CMBS collision release braking system, FCW pre collision warning system, LKAS lane keeping assistant system, RDM lane offset suppression system, LDW lane offset warning system and TSR traffic sign intelligent identification system. In addition to providing effective help in travel, it also perfectly solves MPV hard to stop Problems with the car. Not only that, Allison sharp hybrid also has practical configuration such as VSA vehicle stability control system, TPMS tire pressure monitoring, has ramp start assist system, LWC blind spot display system, etc., which provides a more safe guarantee for travel. The word "Elysion" originated from ancient Greece, which means pure land and paradise. It's entrusted with our idea of transcendence. Whether it's design or practicality, Alison is refined rather than flashy, refined rather than extravagant. It's a real low-key luxury with connotation and a real choice of style. As the flagship model of Dongfeng Honda, Alison is always equipped with the top-level power, the most luxurious configuration and the most advanced technology, with status, style and style. We have reason to believe that elisenry hybrid, which can make up for the biggest pain point in the use of MPV, continues to bring the most comfortable driving enjoyment to the social elite. If you want a high-end MPV that is suitable for business and IKEA, Allison sharp hybrid should be the best choice in this market.

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