The same is the price "rising against the wind". What are the considerations of GAC Toyota c-hr EV?

Posted 2020-10-09 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Back off the halo of the hybrid market king, and finally wait for the first pure electric model in China. With tnga structure and Toyota quality endorsement, c-hr EV is more like a "forward", the first shot of pure electric attack in China for the awakened Toyota. Tesla's entry into the market has set off a prelude to the survival of the fittest in the new energy vehicle market. Enterprises growing up on the basis of subsidies in the early stage will fall a large number in this wave. However, as the world's largest new energy vehicle market, "cake" in particular, the joint-venture vehicle enterprises that occupied the majority of the domestic market during the period of traditional fuel vehicles began a crazy layout. Toyota is no exception. Continuing its previous cautious style, Toyota's first electric shock model in China was a small SUV. On April 22, GAC Toyota c-hr EV was officially launched. The new car launched 5 models in total, with a later price of RMB 225800-249800, and NEDC mileage of 400km. After the launch, c-hr EV will face the competition with guangben VE-1, dongben x-nv and oncino pure electric. Toyota quality is still the first pure electric product with Toyota logo in China, and c-hr EV has appeared in Shanghai auto show as early as last year. Compared with the fuel version, ev version has more new energy vehicle features. The sharp and dynamic appearance adds more signs of pure electric identity. For example, the EV logo under the headlight and the electric logo at the fender. The interior is more focused on the shaping of the sense of science and technology. The electronic gear lever with B gear, 9-inch LCD central control and 12.3-inch LCD instrument are standard in the whole series, which are the special features of EV version. In addition, the new car is also equipped with two charging ports, the left charging port is fast charging and the right charging port is slow charging; in the fast charging mode, the power can be charged to 75% in 50 minutes. C-hr EV has its own characteristics in the three electricity system that consumers are most concerned about. The maximum power of the motor on the new car is 150KW, and the maximum torque is 300N ยท M. The comprehensive power consumption of NEDC is 13.1kwh/100km, and the comprehensive endurance mileage of NEDC is 400km. The capacity of square nickel cobalt manganese with Panasonic hard shell on the new car is 54.3kwh. Toyota said that under the accumulation of its own 23 years of electrification technology, the capacity retention rate of c-hr EV after ten years can still be more than 80%. Based on the advantages of tnga-c platform, the new car has a low center of gravity design, and the battery pack placed at the bottom also increases the security and durability guarantee, which conforms to the current safety demands of consumers for new energy vehicles. It is reported that the battery pack has multiple impact protection design, and the bottom of the battery pack has two times the thickness of the coating, so as to improve the anti rust performance. In addition, Toyota will continue to build its previous service strengths. In addition to a series of preferential measures for the previous fuel version, c-hr EV also provides 8-year 200000 km three power system warranty for the new energy version, charging services such as a new generation of intelligent communication, or a 2000 yuan charging subsidy on the fengyunhang app. With a starting price of 200000 yuan, many potential consumers may stop. With a 400km endurance, c-hr EV has no obvious advantage. However, with the service and quality signboard accumulated by Toyota for many years, c-hr EV still has a certain appeal. What's more, its appearance has officially implemented the first step of Toyota's electrification in China. How to launch pure electric offensive in China? According to Toyota officials, after the c-hr EV, in late April this year, Toyota Yize EV and UX EV will also be listed one after another. It is reported that by 2025, Toyota will launch 10 EV Models in the Chinese market. In order to promote the landing of products as soon as possible, Toyota is also accelerating the production capacity. In September 2019, the expansion project of GAC Toyota's production line with an annual output of 200000 new energy vehicles was started. It is expected to be put into operation in March 2021, with a total investment of 4.988 billion yuan. The upcoming FAW Toyota Tianjin new energy plant project has a total investment of 8.495 billion yuan and a designed annual production capacity of 200000 vehicles. Recently, the Ministry of industry and information technology announced the results of "double points" for passenger vehicle enterprises in 2019. Two Toyota joint ventures in China, Yifeng and Guangfeng, are located in the middle and lower reaches. Although the assessment method has affected the ranking to some extent, it also shows the passivity of the joint venture brand in the development of new energy. In 2019, Toyota announced that it would speed up the process of electrification, and advance the sales target of 5.5 million electric vehicles by 2030 to 2025. Toyota needs a right-hand man to complete its huge sales scale in five years. Previously, Toyota has officially established a joint venture with BYD, whose main business includes the design and research and development of vehicles, platforms and parts used in the vehicles. Different from the model of Yifeng and Guangfeng, this cooperation is based on technology equivalence. At that time, the new car developed will be hung with Toyota logo. Zhong said that if the c-hr EV is just a "water test", then the later products will be the focus of Toyota. Since last year, with the turn of giants such as GM, Toyota has also strengthened its pure electric layout after waking up. However, unlike Tesla's sprint, Toyota, with its huge system, has more realistic considerations. Although we can't be in a hurry to achieve success, we need both strategy and speed at the juncture of century long reform.

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