There is no limit to fuel consumption for household use. Who is the most valuable buyer of GTE / Tiguan l PHEV?

Posted 2020-10-15 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

What is the hottest medium-sized SUV in China? There is no standard answer, but - Tan Yue is sure to be among them. Since its launch in 2018, with its outstanding product strength and brand awareness, its sales volume once hovered over 20000 units, and it also rushed to the position of joint venture sales crown. Now, Tan Yue has brought its own brother model - Tan Yue GTE, a plug-in hybrid SUV, which can not only enjoy the advantages of "green brand", 100 km comprehensive The fuel consumption is only two liters. When a new car comes on the market, it's inevitable to make a comparison with the peers. Here's who's more worthy to choose. GTI stands for high-performance gasoline vehicle, GTD stands for high-performance diesel vehicle, and Tan Yue GTE is a high-performance plug-in hybrid SUV, which can bear the name of GTE, with no poor natural strength. The measured acceleration of 100 km is 8.3s. Based on P2 hybrid structure, the power assembly of Tan Yue GTE is also widely used in the well-known models such as Weilan GTE and maiteng GTE. Today, the models we compared are FAW Volkswagen Tianyue GTE (market guidance price range is RMB 249800-259800) and SAIC Volkswagen Tiguan l PHEV (later price range is RMB 2828-292800). We can see that the price gap between the two brother models is still large, but Tiguan L PHEV currently has certain market terminal discounts, and the price after the discount and the new car price of Tianyue GTE can coincide to a certain extent, which is also the reason why two models should be compared. Today, we have selected the top matching models of Tan Yue GTE and tuguan l PHEV to make a comparison, so as to show their respective product strength at the highest level. On the power assembly, the two vehicles are completely consistent. The comprehensive power of the system is 155kw, the peak torque is 400N ยท m, and the driving mode is the front drive. The energy density of the probe GTE is greater than that of the tuguan l PHEV, which has some advantages in pure electric endurance. The appearance design of the two models has their own characteristics, which are in line with the mainstream aesthetic. The appearance of tuguan l PHEV is classic, and there is no fault in the appearance. It can be accepted by all ages. There is a clean and simple beauty of the family car. Tan Yue GTE digs deep into the inherent advantages of SUV - high ground clearance and large wheel rim (standard 18 inch wheel rim). Although the size comparison is not dominant, it is more visually significant. In addition, the exclusive GTE logo, identifying C-type daytime lamp, sports surround, exhaust decoration, etc., also make it more sporty and delicate, in line with the aesthetic of young consumers. After entering the car, the advantages of Tan Yue GTE are brought into play. Compared with tuguan l PHEV, it is more scientific and sophisticated. The latest design style, three screen interconnection, meets the requirements of the new model at present. We believe that the interior style of tuguan l PHEV is familiar to you. Although it is classic, it seems to be a bit out of date. In terms of configuration, Tan Yue GTE is equipped with a 10.3-inch full LCD meter as standard, which can display maps and more than 10 kinds of vehicle information. In terms of comfort, the two vehicles are all leather seats, but Tan Yue GTE perforated leather and splicing color show a higher level sense. In terms of functionality, Tan Yue GTE's front seats are equipped with ventilation and heating, while Tan Yue L has an 8-inch display screen PHEV is heating only. In terms of space, both of the two cars show that this level of model should be up to standard. The rear compartment is neat and has strong expansibility. The whole system of Tan Yue GTE is equipped with electric tailgate as standard, which is very practical for an SUV of no small size, while the tuguan l PHEV is only equipped on the top matching model, and the sex price is better than that of Shang Tan Yue GTE. In this price range, both of them are good choices. The advantage of Tiguan l PHEV lies in its classic model and high recognition. However, compared with today's market standard and demand, the GTE of Tan Yue has a larger appearance, a more comprehensive entry-level model, a higher technology and comfort configuration of top matching model, and a lower price, which makes it not a short time to market Tiguan L PHEV has more advantages. With the popularity of new energy models, especially when you have convenient charging, the car cost will be reduced a lot, and the plug-in hybrid SUV that can enjoy the advantages of green brand and has very low fuel consumption is the most realistic choice for your household. We will see whether yuegte can continue to be the top selling vehicle.

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