Tianji automobile plans to launch 7 new SUVs at the same level as BYD song Pro

Posted 2022-11-15 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Tianji automobile had planned to launch 8 new models in 5 years, including 2 sedans, 5 models and 1 model, covering all market segments. At present, Tianji's first suv-me7 has been officially launched, and the new car has been offline. It is planned to be delivered to users in the first quarter of this year. This also means that seven new models of Tianji automobile will be launched one after another. The city of online car has obtained the relevant information of Tianji brand new SUV from the Department of ecological environment of Hunan Province. The new model will be put into production in 2021 with an annual production capacity of 10000 sets. In fact, Tianji automobile Changsha new energy project started in March 2019, and the general assembly workshop started in August. At present, the painting workshop of the main structure has been completed and capped in early October, and the equipment has been mobilized to prepare for the birth of the new car. In addition to the size and other data information, we can imagine the shape of this new model according to the shape of me7. More new information will be released, and we will follow up the report as soon as possible. The new a + SUV is significantly smaller than the me7 in terms of overall body size. Me7 is positioned as a medium-sized SUV, which was officially offline in Shaoxing plant on December 28, 2019. It is planned to be officially delivered in the first quarter of this year. However, it is unclear whether the delivery time will be delayed due to the impact of the new coronavirus pneumonia. The car was pre sold at last year's Shanghai auto show. Two new models were launched, with the former selling prices of 366800 yuan and 381800 yuan respectively. According to the me7 price and competitive models (from 179800 yuan after Song Pro EV subsidy), it is estimated that Tianji's brand new SUV will start to sell within 200000 yuan after subsidy (the price is equivalent to B-class cars such as accord). At that time, the new SUV will win more market share for Tianji automobile with its advantages of power and endurance (only 50km less than Tesla performance version). The me-s skyline me-s concept car has been officially released at Shanghai auto show last year. The car is positioned as a high-energy luxury sports car with a four door four seat spatial layout. After future mass production of me-s, it will support 800V high voltage, 300kW super charging, 80% energy supplement in 15 minutes, static wireless charging / dynamic wireless charging in the future. In addition, the car will also use biometrics (voice print, iris) to achieve ID authentication and payment scenes, biological monitoring (heartbeat / pulse / human eye tracking) to achieve intelligent security strategy, OLED HD 6 + X screen interconnection and touch screen feedback, intelligent holographic projection to achieve information interaction (status, dialogue with pedestrians) and many other functions of driving environment. It should be noted that Tianji plans to launch a new product every year. Before the new a + SUV put into production in 2021, Tianji's second product is a small SUV, and the new car is expected to be launched this year.

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