Tianji me7 Yakeshi extremely cold challenge is not only strength but also quality commitment before listing

Posted 2022-08-01 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Can it resist freezing? On February 26, the reporter learned that Tianji me7 had completed the second round of extremely cold test before being put on the market. It is reported that since December 2019, Tianji automobile R & D and testing team has gone deep into Hulunbuir's hinterland and conducted a 2-month test on Tianji me7 small batch trial production vehicle in Yakeshi, the "ice and snow city", covering the three electric system calibration, vehicle thermal management system test, integrated road vehicle reliability and durability test, ADAS and the extreme cold test carried by the Internet of vehicles to verify the arrival of electric vehicles How "frost resistant" the bottom is. Tianji me7 arrives at Yakeshi in "ice and snow city" for extremely cold test. Yakeshi is no stranger to Tianji automobile test engineers. As early as a year ago, they had "come here for a tour" and carried out a complete round of extremely cold test on the three electric systems, thermal management system, ESP system, etc. of Tianji me7 engineering trial production vehicle. The next visit to "ice and snow city" is to conduct more refined calibration and verification for Tianji me7 small batch trial production vehicles in extremely cold environment. "Quality first" is the view of Tianji automobile. We believe that repeated and continuous improvement of the test process is essential to ensure that Tianji me7 reaches the top quality. "Dr. chairman and CEO of Tianji automobile said that as a" senior auto man "with more than 20 years of industry experience, he always has" obsession "for the quality and safety of cars. At - 30 ° C, is the car still powerful? Yakeshi, as the "largest forest city in China" and also known as the "capital of ice and snow", is an extremely cold testing place for vehicles in China: the annual average temperature is below zero all the year round, and the winter temperature of - 30 ° C is more common; from the perspective of topography, Yakeshi is at the top of Xing'an, with a forest coverage rate of 78%, and rich and diverse road conditions. In such an environment, two months of detailed calibration and testing is undoubtedly another round of quality test for Tianji me7. In the ultra-low temperature environment, can Tianji me7 still have sufficient power as a pure electric vehicle? We can get a glimpse from the winter calibration test and thermal management system test of me7. According to VP Jiang Xin of Tianji automobile, in the cold environment, test engineers have carried out calibration and verification tests on Tianji me7 package's thermal insulation, charging function, creep and acceleration performance, energy recovery, electric drive system performance, etc. the test details involved are numerous and detailed. In order to verify the power map of battery pack in a more comprehensive practical environment, the Engineer in charge of the three electricity calibration precisely set multiple environmental temperature nodes throughout the day. Even at 2 a.m., as long as the outdoor temperature reaches a certain value, engineers will strictly carry out the test, from the warm quilt to the outdoor. "In the low temperature environment of more than - 30 ° C, the battery pack of Tianji me7 reduces 1 ° C every 30 minutes on average, with excellent thermal insulation effect," said Jiang Xin. "In the actual test, the power performance can fully meet the daily driving needs of users in the north. "At night, Yakeshi drips into ice. Engineers braved the bitter cold and carried out the test strictly according to the plan. It is learned that Tianji me7 is equipped with the latest generation of ternary 622 system soft pack cell. The energy density of the battery system is greater than 165wh / kg, and the endurance mileage under NEDC comprehensive working condition is up to 530km, which is a value of" endurance anxiety ". Tianji me7 adopts the latest Bosch motor controller design scheme, with a peak efficiency of 98.9%. In the environment of - 30 ℃, the sensor signals of the electric drive system are accurate, and the torque control accuracy is still sensitive, which ensures the vehicle has abundant power at all times. Is the awesome air conditioning of pure electric cars at super low temperature? For electric vehicles, some car owners are afraid to turn on the air conditioner in winter, afraid of losing power. "In a low temperature environment, the power of the power battery will decline to some extent," Lin Yuanpei, senior manager of vehicle thermal management, added, "but for vehicles with proper thermal management, the energy of the battery can be efficiently distributed, taking into account air conditioning, heating and power performance. "The sky me7 with proper thermal management can efficiently distribute the energy of the battery, and take into account the heating and power performance of the air conditioner in winter. It is worth mentioning that using the leading intelligent thermal control fluid thermal management technology at the same level, the temperature difference of the cell is always less than 2 ° C in the temperature range of - 10 ℃ to - 30 ℃, which can stably control the cell temperature in the best working range. Such a thermal management system can efficiently distribute the energy of the battery, find the best balance between maintaining the output of high endurance and heating the cell, and maximize the use time of me7 battery in the sky at extremely low temperature, thus ensuring the normal energy supply and use performance of the air conditioning system. In the extreme cold test of the vehicle thermal management system, engineers verified and optimized the battery heating function, water pump control function, air conditioning heating performance, automatic control ability of air conditioning, defrosting and demisting ability again, further improving the heat utilization rate of Tianji me7 in low temperature environment. Is radar, camera, intelligent screen and other precision electronic equipment still sensitive in the cold? The cold weather will not only affect the normal use of mobile phones and computers, but also test the high-precision radar and other on-board electronic equipment. "The minimum ambient temperature of our cameras and radars is - 40 ° C, which can fully cope with the current climate conditions of Yakeshi. "Said Liu letao, senior director of intelligent driving system test of Tianji automobile. So, how does the intelligent driving aid system of me7 in the low temperature sky perform? The test team carried out natural scene verification on target recognition, function and performance performance of multi-functional cameras, radars and other sensors under the conditions of compacted snow, smooth ice, separated roads and other cold roads. The test results show that the reliability, safety and robustness (the performance and adaptability of intelligent driving assistance system under various conditions) of all functions of Tianji me7 intelligent driving assistance system have reached the expected goals. For example: ACC adaptive cruise function test, the test results show that the following acceleration and deceleration functions are normal; in TJA traffic congestion auxiliary function test, during the backlight test, the camera recognition is normal without blindness, and LDW / LDP works normally under one lane line and two lane lines. In Yakeshi, the Tianji me7 also carried out nearly 20 vehicle networking tests, including "intelligent voice, intelligent navigation, 5 + X screen interconnection, 360 look around". In the process of high-intensity test, the intelligent vehicle networking equipment is used smoothly, showing a strong low-temperature adaptability. The icy weather outside the window does not affect the smoothness of the use of the me7 intelligent Internet of vehicles across Xing'an Mountains. Is the electric vehicle reliable? Comprehensive road vehicle durability test is also one of the key tasks in the whole extreme cold test of Tianji me7. Only after a "ice and snow rally" with rich road conditions can we really know "it's a mule or a horse". For this reason, Tianji automobile "customized" a special test route according to the natural features of Yakeshi's "forest city": mainly rural snow road, covering forest land, continuous uphill and downhill, ice and other complex working conditions. "Due to the impact of the epidemic, the expressway is closed, so we can't get on the expressway and enter the urban road." Feng Tuo, director of Tianji automobile integration and test certification, said frankly, "but this does not hinder the smooth progress of the test. We have selected a suitable road section around Fenghuang mountain villa to simulate high-speed and urban conditions. In addition, last year's one and a half months of vehicle durability extreme cold test data, we have a very rich test database. "The durability test of the whole vehicle is mainly conducted on the rural snow covered road, covering forest land, continuous up and down slopes, ice and other complex working conditions. In the whole" ice and snow rally ", all the driving data of Tianji me7 will be recorded in the data recorder. These valuable data will become a reliable basis for engineers to analyze the vehicle performance in the future. Find and solve problems in the analysis. "If you don't fear many problems, you will be afraid of not being comprehensive. The more carefully we look for problems, the more responsibility we have for our users. "Said Feng Tuo. It is reported that following last year's visit to Yakeshi to check and accept the ESP winter calibration of Tianji me7, Dr. Niu Shengfu, director of Tianji automobile and CTO, arrived at the site again in this year's extreme cold test to check and accept the tests of three electricity, heat management, vehicle durability, ADAS, Internet of vehicles, electronic appliances, etc. of Tianji me7. After more than two years of training, Tianji me7 has evolved into a high-quality electric motor with excellent appearance and performance. "Products of high quality but hard quality will not be delivered to users. Before Tianji me7 goes on the market, we will carry out rounds of verification and testing, and I will personally check each round of testing, "Dr. Niu Shengfu said," even if the final improvement space is very small, even if the performance growth of 0.01%, it is also of great significance to us.

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