US model 3 car owners can pay to upgrade the rear seat heating

Posted 2022-10-22 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Recently, we learned from foreign media that we have provided the car owners of model 3 long-range rear drive and long-range rear drive upgrades in the U.S. with the service of paying to upgrade the rear seat heating, which costs 300 dollars (about 2096 yuan). It is understood that if qualified owners want to start the service, they can only click on the official Tesla app for a few times. The specific operation is to select the service button in the main page, then select the seat heating option in the upgrade menu, and pay $300 for the upgrade. Then Tesla will push a new car engine system for the model bound by the user. After upgrading the system, the rear seat heating can be unlocked. Tesla began to equip all its models with a full set of hardware a few years ago, but users need to pay extra if they want to use autopilot related functions. Just last year, Tesla also provided the "acceleration boost" upgrade option for users of the model 3 all wheel drive board. It is the owner of this version who can increase the acceleration time of the vehicle from 0-96km / h to 3.9 seconds from 4.4 seconds, and the user needs to pay an additional 2000 dollars (about 13972 yuan). For the latest news about Tesla, please keep an eye on the follow-up reports of auto home.

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